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Guild Name:
The Underbog

What we’re all about:
Rolling horde on The Underbog with a focus of PvP and getting together some solid arena teams. We may end up doing progression later on, but for now, it’s a PvP focus. <Aftershock> is the way of uniting like minded individuals in organized PvP. (No more idiots doing their own things). We want to win, not be turtled to death.

<Aftershock> gives everyone a fresh start and a chance to learn more and just have fun. I preferably would like to get the guild going this weekend but am going to wait for a few responses.

Co-GM (2) Leaders of the guild.
Member - Members of the guild.
Alt – Alts of members.
Initiate - New members who have been in the guild for under TBA weeks (will take affect later on)

Level Cuts
Being as it is a PvP guild, the want and need to PvP at the end of each bracket is quite reasonable. As for now, I would say for the first level cut would be level 10 by the end of week 1. That way we can start to weed out the alts.

Open to all for now but MUST be mature. I have little tolerance for idiots. Those new to the game are welcome as well, we all had to learn some time.

*If you’re interested and serious about joining, please email me at with the following format*
In-game Name:
Age: (Does not affect your recruitment)
Possible Spec:
Side Notes:

Thank you for your time.
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