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Welcome to Ghost Touch!!

Thank you for checking out our web site as well as our guild. Obviously you are here because you want to know a little bit more about Ghost Touch and how we work, and hopefully decide if it is the right guild for you. First let me start by saying that we are a family type guild, by saying that I mean that we work together and help each other accomplish game goals. Most of us have characters that are or about the same level as each other. We try to group together as much as possible. We like people who are pretty regular players, so that we can keep our levels close and do raids run and other various activities on a regular basis. We understand that real life does take priority over game, so we ask that you either leave a note on the guild web site or send one of the officers a note in the mail on the game, to let us know if you wont be around for a while. We have a guild bank which we store armor, wands, scrolls, gold & other various items donated for guild members, by other guild members. These items are given out by a point system. (Special situations that arise will be decided by officers on the severity of the need) Points are earned by participation in guild events, guild chat and website participation. This will also help you attain officer status. (We started the point system to make it fair for everyone wanting items, it also helps us keep people out of the guild who are only in it to get free stuff). We will try to regularly run loot runs and raids which we will have scheduled on the guild web site calender. Guild members are highly encouraged to participate as well as help plan these events.  If Ghost Touch seems like the guild for you, please fill out one of our applications so that we can get to know you better and help meet your needs better. We look forward to having you become a part of our guild.

Guild Officer List :

Einhiran ~ Guild Leader
Emmeriss ~ Guild Successor
Gywen ~ Guild Officer
Shortey ~ Guild Officer
Dontasque ~ Guild Officer

Please feel free to send anyone of us a tell if you have any questions concerning the guild or would like to run with us to get a feel for our guild and its other members. Again thank you for taking an interest in our guild and may the Deities grant you much luck with your future quests and adventures.

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