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Army Of Chaos
Welcome to Army of Chaos' website!

    Thank you for visiting our Guild Portal!  We hope to slaughter the Alliance and Burning Crusade. The Army of Chaos are a level 70 raiding guild.  We aspire to go to the top level dungeons we can reach.  Our guild takes up residency in the realm of Demon soul. 

    Well, welcome messages aside, we finally have a site.  Our raid activities, events, content, and anything we do will have a posting up here.  I expect to see some new faces on the site, if any of you enter be sure that you favorite our site when you want to come back. 

    To your left, you will see a News box and information message.  I will post changes there, the news hasnt been changed as of yet, I will be getting around to it. The information bar has some need to know stuff, so you may want to view it.  Once I'm familiar with editing content using the Control Panel, I'll be adding events, approving members, and posting in conversations in the forums.

    To the right, are event times, an as of yet empty image gallery, and guild sites were affiliated with, which happens to be none... Check back frequently as i will be updating alot.  Feel free to vote in polls, post in forum, or read up on upcoming events.
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Persons who talked to me about ZA

539331960_Inactive, Nov 20, 07 1:59 PM.
    I have heard a minimal response from guild messages left about Zul'aman.  My plan is to move all information spreading to this site, heres the list of people who asked me for ZA.

    Clinxy, Chaosnoob, Decrepify, Malifforus, Agroman.

    Forgive me if I forgot your name and you sent me a tell, I cannot keep track of tells.  If you wish to contact me on the subject please send an in game mail message, I seldom check my email address so it is not a viable way to contact me.
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