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Southern Citadel is our City in SWG
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Welcome to Southern Cross - Player Association

This is an ALL AUSTRALIAN Player Association. It was formed back on November the 11th 1999 ( 5 YEARS OLD AND COUNTING ) as a Diablo II guild and has since been involved in games such as Ultima Online, Ever Quest, Anarchy Online, Never Winter Nights, Dark Age of Cammelot among others.

In June of 2003 we moved into Star Wars Galxies where we are located on the Valcyn Server and have our own City on the Planet Naboo called Southern Citadel. We have chosen the Imperial Faction.

Currently our status in SWG is the following:

Our PA HALL lists us as having 158 members although I would say about 50 are active.
Our City of Southern Citadel is the 3rd largest on the whole galaxy with 142 citizens 95% of which are AUSTRALIAN.
Our City is the Largest City on Naboo and the Largest Imperial City in the whole Galaxy.

We are also now in Everquest II where our lastest info is as follows:

Class Breakdown:
Fighters: 9
Priests: 8
Mages: 11
Scouts: 10

6 Bards, 3 Predators, 1 Rogue, 3 Clerics, 1 Druid, 4 Priests, 3 Brawlers, 2 Warriors, 2 Fighters, 2 Crusaders, 5 Sorcerors, 2 Summoners, 2 Sharmen, 2 Mages.

38 members total which makes us the largest Australian Qeynos Guild and the 2nd Largest Aussie guild on the server after Allure, And also put us well inside the top 20 guilds on the whole server!

We have now also moved into City of Heroes, World of Warcraft. Info on those games will be added as I get it.

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Southern Cross News

Deleted User, Nov 12, 04 6:18 AM.

The move to this new site began officially on 15th November 2004

We have links on the TOP LEFT to each Southern Cross site so just click the site link of the game you wish to or are playing to access its message boards and information.

Each site has its own moderators which more than likely are the Guild Leaders in that particular game.

All message boards are linked to this Main Site so by coming here you can view if ANY NEW messages were posted into any games message boards.

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  • Site created 11/12/2004

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