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Other Guild News

First Karazhan Curator Victory!

538259347_Inactive, Jun 7, 07 9:27 PM.

The Curator had to be sent back to the manufacturer today as Genesis overtook the mechanical menace for the first time! Karazhan is offically half-conquered by Genesis!

The winning raid was:


First Karazhan Opera House Win

538259347_Inactive, Jun 3, 07 8:29 PM.

Parting is such sweet sorrow. Romulo and Julianne are put to rest for the first time in Genesis!  

Congrats to the raiders who achieved this win:
* Falchion
* Sheila
* Belleth
* Sarbarlyn
* Palinea
* Tblxyacks
* Beltira
* Synergii
* Finsa
* Spindel

First Genesis Maiden of Virtue Kill

538259347_Inactive, May 31, 07 10:04 PM.

Cast out your corrupt thoughts no longer! The Maiden of Virtue falls for the first time in Genesis!

Congrats to the raiders who achieved this win:
* Falchion
* Sheila
* Belleth
* Sarbarlyn
* Sanarionx
* Geldieb
* Beltira
* Synergii
* Finsa
* Bynd

Kara progress

538569412_Inactive, May 12, 07 12:39 PM.

So a little while back, we had a brave group of souls enter Kara and put a stop to Moroes' terrible hosting manners, and have since been giving the "Maiden of Virtue" a little bit of the ol' utraviolence, but not without having thier ways with the beautiful ladies of the night and concubines leading up to her first. ;)

I expect some wonderful things soon, and it's only a small matter of time before we pay a visit to the challenging Curator, helping ourselves to some of his precious "artifacts"!

New Raid Signup Tool

Induron, Apr 8, 07 11:20 AM.
So, word on the street is that Genesis has started raiding again. First night into Karazhan we downed Attuman, and we've had a few nights of trials on Moroes that have been pretty successful. Good job to everyone and congratulations as well!

In the past we've used GC and the forums for signing up for raids. The officers of Genesis are happy to announce the unveiling of a brand new tool for signing up for raids. An introductory page with instructions and the new raid signup policy is located at Use of GC is no longer necessary. In fact, the only way to signup for raids and other official Genesis events is via the RaidNinja web application. This is to help centralize the signups for both the officers and the membership to keep track of.

The monthly schedule itself will be posted in the Events forum, and the events will be available for signing up a week ahead of time. We ask of you to bear with us as this is a new system for us, so there may be a few kinks to work out at first. Thank you very much for your participation and good luck to you all!
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