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The purpose of Army of thieves is to just have fun. The guild was originally started in Ultima Online, where it prospered and we thrived.

I intend on bringing the legend into Worlds of Warcraft. As with the original Army of Thieves, a sense of brotherhood and belonging was present. My goal is for the same to continue on in WoW.

There was just one rule in Army of Thieves, respect other members of At (At = Army of Thieves for those abbreviation deficient). Army of Thieves lives by the Motto "Create Infamy" We will continue to maintain this.
Army of Thieves will be hated, feared by its enemies, and remain to be respected. It is not said that all can not cause strife and chaos by your own design, this is highly encouraged. It will be done however with class the Army of Thieves are renowned for.

Army of Thieves will be a PvP focused guild. While hunts and other activities will be planned, our core purpose is to create infamy. All classes and races within the allied sector are accepted. You don’t have to be a thief to be in Army of Thieves.
A strong desire to PvP and cause havoc is mandatory. If you think you are interested then contact me at muzzle81 on AIM or post your interest on our forums.
-Lao Tzume  ( )

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