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Xavient (Applicant) 6/8/2010 5:17 PM EST : Xavient- Arcane/Fire Mage

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Q. Character Name (Main raiding character only)*  
A: Xavient

Q. Class and Main Spec*:
A: Mage, Arcane/Raid

Q. Dual Spec:
A: Fire

Q. Do you have any alts?  What class and level?:
A: Shadowdreams- Warrior- 80
Shadowmares- Druid- 80
Xodiac- Death Knight- 80

Q. Have you ever had a toon in Legatum Ignavis in the past?*:
A: No

A: 17

Are you willing to respec if needed?*:
A: Yes

Armory Link (Please log off in your PvE gear)*: 

Q. We want people to know their toons well and be able to identify why they do what they do.  When you gear your toon, what stats do you stack and where do those stats "cap" out at for your class/spec? 
A: When I gem or enchant my gear, I stack Spell Power and Haste. Spirit is nice to have because of the mana regen but more importantly because it gives 35% bonus to crit depending on my total spirit

UI Screenshot: 
A: Kuro or Dimi can vouch for me if needed.

Q. Professions and level: 
A: Enchanting/450

Raid Experience*:  
A: I have cleared the first wing, Plague wing, and the blood council. I know the Blood Queen, Dreamwalker and Sindragosa very well, however I haven't had and opertunity to drop them.

Previous guilds and reasons for leaving (include reason for wanting to leave current guild if applicable)*: 
A: I have been in Azeroth's Redemption back in BC. I had just started playing so everything was fairily new. My parents were raid leader in the guild(Gaza, Yonurse), and when they left, I left. From there, I went with them to Odyssey, which was a casual guild, not much for raidng. Eventually I went to Vis Honor for raiding, where  progressed through ICC. The GM decided that she was done with WoW and we all left and made a new guild, Torrent, which im currently in. A while back I mad a stupid mistake and left because of a miscall on loot. I made amends and got back into Torrent. I like the guild atm, but when they raid, they consistently bring their core raiders to ICC heroics and im stuck doing regular 10 mans where the people don't know what their doing. I want to be able to perform at my best with being given a challenge, not carrying people through. Another reason, is that our raid times are from 9pm st to 12am st and its kind of hard to fit that schedule considering im in school.

Q. What would your previous Guild Master or Raid Leader say about you?  If you are comfortable listing this toon's name, please do so.
A: My previous GM, stopped playing WoW about a month ago. As for the new GM, it was Fyrefli, but at the moment its Imaginative. 

Q. We currently raid on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-10 server and may go over 1 hour depending on progression.  What is your availability?*
A: I am available at all times on several different toons. The raid times will fit my schedule perfectly.

Q. We frequently raid 10 mans on off nights and after our 25 mans.  Are these of interest to you?*
A: I like to do 10 mans in my spare time, whether its ICC or not. Id gladly take part in these.

Q. We require raid members to maintain a 75% attendance standard on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-10 server to be eligible to bid on loot.  Additionally, there is a two week probation peroid where new members are not permitted to bid on loot.  Can you accept these terms?*
A: Of course:D

Are you willing to act as a subsitute, as necessary, until a regular raid spot opens up?
A: Im usually doing things like dailies and PvP so thats not a problem.

Q. We use a silent bidding DKP system to distribute loot giving priority to a members main raiding toon's main spec.  Do you have any issues using DKP?  If so, what?*
A: Torrent uses the DKP system as well so im fully aware of what goes on.

Q. In your own point of view, please explain why you want to raid with Legatum Ignavis.  Include where you think progression and content, gear, fun, and the experience of being successful all fall on your personal priority list and why.*
A: I want to raid with LI, because i feel that i can perform at my best given that im in a raid where i can do better. I like to raid, I listen and I'm competent. I have idea's if we are stuck that I try and implement. I am prepared for fights + I have extra incase someone isn't. I have gold to keep my toon repaired + flasks/etc.  I know how to play my classes, but I'm open to improvement if someone has that for me.

What do you expect from us as a guild?*
A: Warming(haha) just a good sense of friendly people. Constructive Criticism is nice to see. If im doing something wrong or if theres a better way of doing something, I would love to hear from you and get it fixed.

What should we expect to see from you?*
A: You can expect me to be responsible and be on time. Im very open and i like to keep tension off of raids with humor. I am young but i makeup youth for street smarts and common sense...and of course competence:D

Q. Assume we are planning to go up against a raid boss you/we have not successfully downed.  What will you do to prepare yourself for this fight before and during the raid?*
A: I make sure im online an hour beforehand to get flasks, repair, ect. and to allow other to do the same, given i let them know. I will usually go and watch the fight again on or youtube and make sure i watch the fight, learn the fight, and apply it once im in the fight.

We use the forums to discuss strategies and to deal with guild business.  Are you willing to be an active participant in our web forums?*
A: If i see that something is left out, i will always give insight when possible.

Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone available?*

A: Yes and Yes. 

During progression we may hit a wall and come across several wipes.  We expect all raiders to have the gold for repairs and maintain a positive attitude if wipes occur.  Are you able to do both?*
A: Yes. Im always there to help bring people up with encouragement. I also enjoi taking tension away with humor.

Did anyone refer you to us?  Real Life/In Game/Recruitment Spam?

A: Kurosakisan told me about LI.

Do you have any Wow Web Stats or World of Logs links?
A: No

Is there any additional information you would like to share?  RL stuff like job, free time outside of WoW, family, pets, prescription (or non-prescription) medications your taking, etc.

A: I workout alot like to keep healthy. I play wow in my time that im not studying for school. I thouroughly enjoy PvP as a mage and if you have ?'s or you feel like doing arena, im your guy. Im very outgoing and even though i die whether it be pvp or raid, i never leave a raid group because of the wipe. My name is

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Sletch (Applicant) 6/8/2010 6:51 PM EST : RE: Xavient- Arcane/Fire Mage

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Who are you?


Jalard (Member) 6/8/2010 7:09 PM EST : RE: Xavient- Arcane/Fire Mage
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I gotta say, your new GM is a POS.  I'd be running for the hills too.

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