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ontrackfan (Member) 5/24/2009 8:07 PM EST : Unis's App

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Character Name (Main raiding character only)*  Unis

Class and Spec*:Hunter-Survival

Do you have any alts?  What class and level?:
Shaman-Lvl 70

Are you willing to respec if needed?*: Yes i will respec

Armory Link (Please log off in your PvE gear)*:
UI Screenshot:
I have DBM recount Xpearl and Atlas loot
Professions and level:
450 mining 444 blacksmith
Raid Experience*: 
I have raided everything except Ulduar
Previous guilds and reasons for leaving*:
I was in Nightfall and left because there was a lack of raiding.
We currently raid on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7-10 server and may go over 1 hour depending on progression.  What is your availability?*
I can make those times.
In your own point of view, please explain why you want to raid with Legatum Ignavis.  Include where you think progression and content, gear, fun, and the experience of being successful all fall on your personal priority list and why.*
I think legatum is a well organized guild that has alot of nice ppl and that is progressing and going to have alot of fun progressing and i would like to be a part of the progression.
What do you expect from us as a guild?*
I expect ppl to be nice and to have fun and help out others when need if they are not busy themselves
What should we expect to see from you?* I will help you raid and help others get geared and have fun doing it.

We like for raiders to have an understanding of fights prior to going into them.  Do you have an issue with reading boss strategies and watching videos prior to making attempts in boss fights with our guild?*No i do not have a problem with it.

Do you have Ventrilo and a microphone available?*
Yes i do have ventrilo and a mic
During progression we may hit a wall and come across several wipes.  Do you have a problem with paying for your repair bills during progression and will you have a bad attitude if wipes occur?*
I wont have a bad attitude or have a problem with paying for a repair bill.
Did anyone refer you to us?
Do you have any Wow Web Stats links?
Is there any additional information you would like to share?


Characters: Unis Sunkîst

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