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Apr 21, 08 11:11 PM
Recruiting Again!
Dec 14, 07 3:32 PM
Dynamis News
Nov 13, 07 10:02 PM
Site under contruction
Nov 9, 07 4:31 PM
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539310046_Inactive, Apr 21, 08 11:11 PM.
Recruiting!!!!!! Lets get it cracking! Register using your REAL character name and I'll get you access to the forums

My UserName is old but this is Matrioshki!

Trying to make a first run on Sunday the 27th!

Recruiting Again!

539310046_Inactive, Dec 14, 07 3:32 PM.
We took a little hit with me dissapearing for a bit! But I'm back!

We are recruiting again and we'll get back off the ground soon, tell your friends and show up on time!!!!

Dynamis News

538953417_Inactive, Nov 13, 07 10:02 PM.
Past Four Dynamis runs have all been very Successful.
We got a lot of new Af in LS and a bunch of new members City clears.

This coming Saturday will be doing Dynamis-Jeuno so that our new members will have full clears and access to Dynamis-Beaucedine the following week.

We have Northlands coming up, Seeya Next run!

Site under contruction

538953417_Inactive, Nov 9, 07 4:31 PM.
Currently building ^_^
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