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No holiday raids
Dec 19, 07 10:23 PM
New ranks explained!
Dec 19, 07 8:42 PM
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No holiday raids

537520386_Inactive, Dec 19, 07 10:23 PM.
There will be no raids next week. 12/23/07 - 12/29/07.
But we are having a Kara run on 12/29/07 (Saturday) but it is not mandatory. If enough people are on we'll go but if not, it's cool.

Happy holidays!

New ranks explained!

537520386_Inactive, Dec 19, 07 8:42 PM.
The new updated fresh repetitive shiny guild ranks are as follows.

Alt - Last priority on raids.
Initiate - New members who are being tested out. You will have this rank for at least one week. Depending on your attendance and skill you will get promoted.
VIP - Friends of the guild, lower raid priority than members.
Member - Regular raiders.
Veteran - Raiders with 90% or better raid attendance. These members can repair from the guild bank during raids.
Officer alt - Lower priority on raids than members/veterans
Officer - People who help us to run the guild.
Co-GM - Public relations/typing this stuff. Webmaster. Cool guy, you'd like him.
GM - Lazy bastard who can't spell worth shit so makes the Co-GM do all the hard work.

ADDITIONALLY: Blueheart is our new recruitment officer! So whisper her after you post your app to join.
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