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Welcome Dark Kindred, the home of our crazy PvP guild, EVERYONE GET TO &) ANDGET KARAZAHN KEYED!!!!ASAP
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Looking For Help

Deathdfiant, Mar 6, 08 1:02 AM.
Hey guys, I'm looking for a couple of people who would be willing , wanting and able to help run the Premades. In addition i will make a new rank for Raid Leaders, in which these few will reside. I can only run so many myself, and in order to help the guild grow and keep people happy, we will need a few more. Ideally soon, i would like to get these premades completely guild run so we can mop the alliance a little harder. PEOPLE wishing to learn how to run premades, please speak with Deathdfiant, and i will personally bring u up to par. Remember, when you lead them, u roll in honor points, as long as you like as u have the power!


Deathdfiant, Mar 3, 08 5:44 PM.
In order to run Kara we will need people to do the quests to get keyed for it, the quest starts outside the instance,
Once you are keyed please not it in your public note

World PvP tonight: Premades to be resumed over weekend Time TBA

Deathdfiant, Feb 29, 08 9:09 AM.
Tonight we will be screwing around with world pvp and putting aside, the premades for one night. Althought!, Since todays BG is EOS we may give it one go together just to the that done. Thanks all.


Guild Alliance

Deathdfiant, Feb 28, 08 9:53 PM.


We are currently in a guild alliance with Themose's new guild Ancient Valor. Themose is one of our founding fathers of our guild; In an attempt to make the most out of our members and expand on game content, this expansion was a must. PLEASE ALL IN GAME type /join Darkvalor our New JOINT guild channel. Change the color of the text by clicking on General, on the top left hand side of your chat box. You will be able to communicate this way directly to our Brother guild. Any questions please ask in game. Thanks ~Death~

GUILD PREMADE Battlegrounds

Deathdfiant, Feb 18, 08 1:01 PM.


After 3 weeks of  elite guild run premades, we have encountered only 3 losses. Between Dark Kindred Friends and Ancient Valor, these premades will continue to be running 6/7 days of the week. All days except for Friday. Premade time is posted in the MOTD and keep in mind, please be on 10 min in advanced for invites.
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