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If you haven't signed up yet, you need to. Preferably with your WoW name or something close to it so that its easier to know who everyone is. You are now required to be signed up on the website to advance in rank.

3) I just updated the way to do the Professions. Go here to find out about it Professions Thread. You must be logged in to do so. This will make things easier for everyone.

4) Create a Sig for the forums. Click here. How to create a Sig and Thumbnail. That will take you to a thread that will explain in detail on how to do it correctly.

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1) Don't
beg for runs, Don't beg for gold. If you need help ask. We'll help if we can and have time, but you can't expect us to drop everything immediately. We don't think this will be much of a problem, but it needs to be addressed.

2) Be polite to the other members and use common courtesy. Use your better judgement. We love having fun and we'll tell you if you're going too far. Listen to your fellow guildies and be considerate. Disrespect is something that will not be tolerated.


You get two private warnings before the guild leaders will convene and discuss the situation. At this time, you may be removed from the guild without warning, though a follow-up message will be sent as to our reasoning.

Other Guild News

Update your Professions.

539316844_Inactive, Feb 27, 08 10:48 AM.
Professions Update

Check the thread out.

Profession Thread

Basically you are able to enter in your own professions simply under your Character / Settings. Which then shows up in the Professions page on the Tool bar.
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