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537474480_Inactive (SuperAdmin) 11/4/2007 11:58 PM EST : READ ME before Applying!

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Hi, thank you for taking the time and making the smart move of reading this section. In this section you will find a guideline to follow when applying to Daybreak.

We raid Monday - Thursday starting at 9:00am and will be raiding until 1:00pm. (some days may exceed 1:00pm, but this is situational) . We are going to start from the bottom and work our way to the top. When we clear one instance, we move on to the next. Sunday being an off day. (raid times may vary its not set in stone yet, if you can be online from 8am to 3pm please apply)

After you apply and are accepted you will be put on a 2 week trial period, during that 2 week trial period you must hold 85% attendance, and come to raids prepared. Food/Pots/Bandages.

What not to do in Daybreak:
-Disrespect fellow guild members or other guilds members(Everyone jokes around and jokes are ok, sometimes things are taken too literal if there is something that offends you take it tells, ask for explanations, work it out, if it isn't solved by the peoples involved, send a tell to a officer and we will solve it.

How to apply?

Start a new topic under the applications forum with the title as:

Character name/Level/Class (if you are from a different server please state that as well)

In the body of your application answer the following questions:

Character name:






Are you willing to respec:

Armory Link:


Do you know anyone in Daybreak: (if so who?)

Previous MMORPG experience/guilds/WoW raiding experience:

Why do you want to join Daybreak:

Can you attend 85% or more of our raids:

Anything we should know about you:

Did you read the READ ME before Applying thread: ( we will know )

Please take time and care when filling out this application. Spelling, and punctuation will affect our decision.

Click this link to get to our Application page: Application page

Thank you, and hope to see you soon!

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