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WarriorWelcome to Cerca Trova!

Seek and you shall find. A colorful epitaph to be sure - one repeated quite often throughout history in a myriad of places for a myriad of reasons. But among we, brothers and sisters of the guild Cerca Trova, the purpose is clear. A mission of brotherhood in the MMO game world of our choice. In this case - the world of Conan the Barbarian.

Age of Conan is our game - and fellowship is our name. Though not as cuddly loveable gentlemen or ladies in such a vibrant and viloent world. Instead Brothers and Sisters in arms. Brought together in our motley band for the mutual purpose of comeraderie in our adventures and reliable faith in one another as our steed. Together we effort and struggle to bear an enviable face in the community of our chosen game. Building and nurturing our inner relationship knowing that the key to inevitable success in Age of Conan will be strong and participant membership - bound by strong and vibrant community.

And so are we. A strange brew of persons migrant from other beta games who brave the frontier in one anothers arms. If only because our interpersonal relationships are that definate and important to us each. And so we welcome you visitor to our home. We invite you to browse around, to feel fre to warm yourself by our fire.

For in the words of Conan himself when speaking to Subotai - 

Subotai : I have not eaten for days.
Conan: And who says you will?

So stay! Feast amoung us! Drink our words of fellowship if you will! We stand together and so we stand forever!

Web Site Returns to Guildportal

537613417_Inactive, Nov 2, 07 12:05 PM.
We stayed through the fall of the game, Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising. We've endured a long wait between game titles of interest. We've even begun to look into the black maw of the possible retaking of our domain but still we stand together!

That is the spirit Men and Women. That is the spirit of Cerca Trova. To forever look and to forever know that the future stands before us. And rather than running or hiding - we instead live on. We've returned to for now. But for how long? None can say - perhaps indefinatly. But leave your assurances to us, the leadership, we're investigating potential paths to securing our own private domain once again!

And with luck GGHQ will be satisfied enough with AoC to grant us the favor they've granted us in the past! But perhaps we need such favor, not. More will be known in time. But CT was in it's earliest built from the halls of Guildportal. It's only fitting that with the demise of Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising we return to begin anew!
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