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A Update Woo :P
Jan 22, 08 7:16 AM
Nov 13, 07 9:50 PM
Pop items out our ass
Nov 9, 07 11:18 AM
Frenzy At it Again
Nov 4, 07 10:12 PM
Frenzy is Back!
Nov 2, 07 9:56 AM
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A Update Woo :P

538953417_Inactive, Jan 22, 08 7:16 AM.

I have not updated for awhile, kinda been busy as of late so let me try to recap what we have done in the past few weeks for a little amusement.

God wise lets see... we have Killed 4 Kirins and got 5 D.bodys, 2 Osodes. (No W.legs or N.bodys ftl!) ;  ;

Then for the Lessors god I can't even remember how many Genbu Sieryu and Suzaku's we have done this month, All I know is every Fucking Item is Free lot now.. LoL. ( If only I was kidding >.>)

Byakko we have got 6 Byakko's Haidates out of 8 for our members  so thats pretty hardcore.

Still have a shit load of Kirins sets.. seems impossible to do them all but for next couple of weeks will do 2-3 Kirins every Sunday. And just Farm are asses off on Thursdays and do our regular farming action and knock out some lessors for shits and giggles, and to keep our new members Familiar with God 2hrs.

For Future plans, I know some of you have been asking about starting LS events again, so I think KS99 could be fun again.
You orb your Drop went out well with members that last time we did it.

Also I'd like to know how many people can enter Bahamut 2 fight.
I've decided I will be making a LS for that. So any members interested Just hit me up in game and we can discuss it and go over your jobs and what is required for this fight.

And yes Frenzy is Still Recruiting... so many sure you tell your friends and shit, because will have to drop items soon. lol

Hope you injoyed the read :P



538953417_Inactive, Nov 13, 07 9:50 PM.
We fought a lot of gods this Sunday, and every fight went very smooth.
Congratulations to anyone that got Items!

Thursday will farm a bit, and possibly knock down a few Seiryus for fun.

This Following Sunday we will fight out first Kirin battles. Will do 2-3 fights, hope to see you all there.

Pop items out our ass

538953417_Inactive, Nov 9, 07 11:18 AM.
The Two days we have done Sky have been very Productive.
This Sunday we Have 2 Genbu 3 Suzaku 3 Seiryu 1 Byakko to fight.

Also, since I have just reformed Frenzy Our Veteran Frenzy Members still Had Pop items from Previous sky runs when Frenzy did Sky 6 months ago.

Hows 15+ Kirin sets for ya?

Seeya All Sunday ^_^

Frenzy At it Again

538953417_Inactive, Nov 4, 07 10:12 PM.
This Sunday was our first Sky Run as a shell in 6 months.
Shell is now completly reformed and in my opinion good as ever.

We had a great turn out of members and we managed to farm alot of pop items.

Today we got X2 MG, X2 Zip, X2 Faust, SC, and a Despot.

Our next Sky run we will focus on Diorite, Waters, and BB to complete our God sets.

Frenzy Ftw! :P

Frenzy is Back!

538953417_Inactive, Nov 2, 07 9:56 AM.
Thats right, I am reforming Frenzy! yay :P
6 months since we last did something as a Shell, I'm looking forward to our first events.

Anyway, the Sky Run times will be Sunday 12:00 noon & Thursdays 8pm Est.

Dynamis is still TBA untill I have more information on other Dynamis Shells run times.

More info to come, and I'm still working on this site and trying to figuer out how to use it :D
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