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             †‡+Blades of War+‡†


From now on you are required to join the RP channel, (( /join BladesOfWarRP )) If you do not join it, you will be kicked sooner or later from the guild.

Ranks from highest to lowest.

Leader- GM

War Council- Same privledges as GM

to get advanced to leader-(Officer/CO-GM, no advancement possible)

Warlord-10 items on all tabs, Officer chat, can Create event

To get advanced to war council- (Officer, advancement over time, when player stands out, player helps other guild members, is freequently active, attends events, helps with events, frequently RP's, or when the Leader requests you to become a council member.)

Champion- 7 items from Tab1+2, 2 items from Tab3, edit Public Note

To get advanced to warlord-(member, advancement after player does one of the following, reach level 70, earns an in guild title, attends 10 events, leads an event, leads a squad in an event)

Elite- 6 items from Tab 1+2

To get advanced to Champion- (member, advancement after player does one of the following, reach level 60, earns an IN GUILD title, gets mentioned in the story, attends 10 events, or leads a squad in an event)

Guardian- 5 items from Tab 1, 4 items from Tab 2

To get advanced to Elite-(member, advancement after player attends third event, and reaches level 30)

Knight- 4 items from Tab 1, 3 items from Tab 2

To get advanced to guardian-(member, advancement after player reaches level 20, and attends second event)

Guard- withdraw 2 items from Tab 1 and Tab 2

To get advanced to knight-(member, advancement after player attends an event, and reaches level 10)

Private-Guild chat, invite member, view notes

To get advanced to Guard- (New recruit, trial period, advancement after 4 active days)

Other Guild News

Blades of War Rules,Ranks, etc..

Painstarter, Dec 22, 08 9:29 AM.
~ Your Journey Begins Here ~
You sign the parchment that lays in front of you. The person next to you nods, and you both walk off into the distance.

You both walk up to a foul smelling house. The door falls down as you both approach it. You both enter. *Creeeak* *BOOM* A body falls from the floor above, right on the floor in front of you. A man steps out of the shadows and kneels down, and rips an insignia off the body's shoulder. "Ehm, this here is our assassin Gt!" the person says to you. You put your hand out in front of you to shake his, but he turns around and disapears. *BOOM* A tall red, orangish demonic figure with horns, and a large battle axe falls through the wall to your left. "No! No! No! Damn Fel guard! I'd bet 50 gold I got your soul off a damn Orc!" A small gnome yells at the demonic figure. "Yes master" The figure says. "Ah, that's Painshadow! We just call him Pain S. though, he is related to our leader." You wave at the little gnome, he waves back in approval. You both walk out of the house. "SUBMIT!" A hooded man yells as he casts death grip at a fleeing man. 5 flaming arrows get shot into the mans back from an elf in the distance. "Paiin, Sir, a new recruit reporting for duty!" You both salute the hooded man. Paiin salutes back. "I am Paiin, a former death knight. I keep my hood on at all times because I am ashamed to show my face, i have a curse to live with, I was once forced to serve a very dangerous man, now I am out to kill him." Paiin points at the elf holding the bow. "That over there is Pain starter, he's my other brother, and Platoon leader." Paiin looks at Pain S., Pain S. yells something you can't quiet understand, and the ground below the house turns into a large shadow, and the house sinks into it. "The King's of the Alliance, all have their army's spread across Azeroth, the Outlands, and Northrend. We are a small StormWind based army. We fight the smaller battles here." Paiin holds out his blade in front of you. "We are the Blades in this War."

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