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    Welcome to ChaosDreams. We are destruction guild on the server Vortex for Warhammer Online.

Chaosdreams is born on vortex server!

krahzor, Oct 29, 07 11:24 PM.

Chaosdreams guild is up and running on Warhammer, the vortex server.

This guild was established in World of Warcraft when the game went live

years ago.We have played many mmo's such as City of

Villians, Heroes, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Perfect World, Maple Story,
etc).We have always kept true to our beliefs when it comes to how

we want to run a guild.

1.Help one another

2. Form friendships

3.Work affectively as a team 

4. Rank all members (example captain, grunt, prospect,etc)

5.Every members opinion counts

6.Have casual to hardcore players

7.Variety of members with different play times (there will always be events

going on scheduled at different times for all players)

8. we are focused on all aspects of the game and take advantage of it  


We are casual experienced players who have lives

because most of us range from ages 19-32.We don't expect you to spend

all your free time playing WAR but when you do we want you to have the

best time working with other guild members to help with quest, gain

renown, or just bash the skulls of any order scum who get in your way on

the field of WAR! if you are interested email me at

or message me in game my char name is symphus

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