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Welcome to the world the DetesteD...

    Thanks for stopping by, as of now, we're still a work in progress.  In short, DetesteD will be an ADULT Alliance PvP based guild, focusing on organaztion of premade World of Warcraft Battlegrounds and Arena play.
Wanna Know More?

    In a game dominated by PvE content and large raiding guilds, DetesteD will be set apart.  While our members will be encouraged to organize parties within the guild to accomplish all aspects of game play, our true focus will be in PvP in hopes of bringing our members an atmosphere which facilitates an elevated level of PvP play... something hard to achieve in today's guild structures. Thus, earning Honor Points, Honor Marks, Arena Points faster, and more efficiently.  Organized Outdoor Raids, Premade Battlegrounds, and Arena Groupings are just the tip of the iceburg. With time...  Strategies, Tactics, Build and Reference information that our members have learned and shared will all become available. 

Is DetesteD right for me?

    If you are currently leveling a character to use as a TWINK or simply waiting to hit 70 to earn your PvP equipment, or if you just want mature players to commune with in game, and via voice chat... then you are welcome to join our legion.

note:    There will be requirements of course, you will NEED Teamspeak (it's free man), and you must be an Adult who conducts himself/herself accordingly. There may be WoW Add-Ons that we will require - mostly just the stuff every player needs if they are doing anything besides killing bunnie rabbits in Elwynn Forest.

    However, if you are looking for leveling help (questing), or a guild that splits most of their time with PvE Questing, Dungeons, Raids and occasionally likes to get rolled in PVP because they heard you can earn ep1x from it... I would advise you to look to one of the many other guild choices available.

 - "Our Business is Death... and business is good."

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

539276615_Inactive, Oct 25, 07 10:32 PM.
Getting the ball rolling... these things don't happen over night, but DetesteD shall prevail!
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