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Burial Detail is a Military Detachment Assigned with the Specific Duty of Performing Burials in the Field of Combat

A Multi-Gaming Casual Friendly Progressive PvP Raiding Guild Burying the enemy since 2007

We are a group of busy career individuals and couples seeking enjoyable and rewarding game experiences together in the short time that real life allows; building upon the ideals of friendship, respect, and teamwork while enjoying all aspects of the game whether it be Raids, Operations, Arenas, Battle Grounds, Warzones, World PVP, or Group Questing.

We strive to aid one another whenever possible, helping members to develop their characters so that they too may contribute to the overall development of this guild.

Our Mission Statement

This guild was created not just to be a home for us, but to be a home to all who share in the same beliefs and ideals that we do.

  •     To promote a fun and friendly environment that we can all enjoy together.
  •     To honor the friendships made in-game while showing respect to all.
  •     To not be into the game just to level, just for the loot, or just for the end game.
  •     To not build just a guild full of elitists.
  •     To welcome all levels, classes, races, and professions into our guild family.
  •     To promote good will with other players in the game.
  •     To offer a helping hand to others whenever possible.
  •     To believe that there is no place that we should not venture.
  •     To laugh when our group gets wiped instead of pointing blame.
  •     To set no limits for ourselves or others.
  •     To always be positive and creative.
  •     To believe there is always a way.
  •     To not sacrifice personal lives just for a game.


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