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Prince Down
Oct 26, 07 4:32 AM
Plans for future raids
Oct 21, 07 2:05 PM
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Angels Of Oblivion!

This is a  Horde guild with casual raiders.

We are currently on Karazhan and will be moving towards Gruul and Mag etc. when the rest of our raiders are up to speed.
For our members please sign up to the raids you are able to attend by using the calendar function and feel free to post on the forums with anything you like to share, be it useful knowledge or silly banter. For those that are not a part of our guild and are interested please click on the "Recruit" section.

Due to name availability please create a signature with you characters name in it to lessen confusion.

Also if you are an officer in game please shoot k123nino or begirl212 a message so we can give you appropriate rights.
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Prince Down

539266485_Inactive, Oct 26, 07 4:32 AM.

Group One continues to work its way through Kara downing Prince tonight even though Bliz through a curve ball at them. At an attempt to deny them loot they threw an elemental smack dab next to Prince. But that didn't stop Opisme, with a bubble and a prayer he selflessly through himself into the fire (literally) to hand out upgrades.

Plans for future raids

539266485_Inactive, Oct 21, 07 2:05 PM.
Welcome to the new site.
We are currently in works with an over haul for our guild. Our experience thus far is Kara, but with the recruitment of new folks and the transfer of several of us from Malorne we hope to push progression within the next few months.

We are currently on the watch for players who know their class. While gear is not mandatory having D3 is highly encouraged before applying.

We will be working with folks very closely in our early stages to push for kara attunement and pieces of missing gear in Heroics. Later on our focus will shift quite considerably to raiding and less toward gearing/attunement. So in short now is the time to join for those with no to little experience of raiding.

Thank You
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