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Welcome to the home of KnightsOfValor Linkshell, a part of the Final Fantasy XI community on the Ramuh Server.

Website Membership
allows for many levels.  Full access is restricted to linkshell members at this time.  Non-Members may apply to the site for member status.  This gives access to several of our features, as well as the oppurtunity to participate in some Linkshell events.  We only ask that you at least have one character on the Ramuh server.

Applying to the website is a 2-step process.  First, you are applying to as the first step.  From there, you must apply to KnightsOfValor as your guild.

of KnightsOfValor and my association with the Linkshell.

KnightsOfValor was created by me (Rubedo) and an in game close friend (Farstryker).  Since my time in FFXI i have been in a few Sky orentated linkshells, I quickly got an empty feeling that I was putting forth an exhausting effort towards someone else's dream.  I am grateful for all that i have learned and contunue to learn from these experiances but i feel as though i needed to do something more.

I hope to build a community that can socialize as well as play together for the benefit of everyone.  It is never required, but we look for members who are willing to help each other through difficult trials. 

Recruitment into KnightsOfValor Linkshell is easy.  First, we ask that you fully read the Rules and Regulations section  to be sure you will feel comfortable as a member.  If you decide this is the right place for you, you may start a topic in the Application section of the forums on the Discussion page, or you may check the Officers section to the right of this page, and contact the appropriate member in game.

KnightsOfValor  Linkshell is a family oriented, Sky, community Linkshell.

Begging, conning, stealing, lying, etc. are not permitted within, or outside of KnightsOfValor  Linkshell.  Our members are honest, hard working members of the FFXI community, and we feel that the wrong doings by any one member shows poorly on the face of our group as a whole.

If you have further questions regarding KnightsOfValor or it's members, please see the appropriate forum on the Forums page of the site.

Thank You,


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