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Seven Virtues of Bushido

The Seven Virtues of Bushido are:

Gi (Honesty and Justice) - Set lies aside. A samurai does not make honesty or justice a matter for debate; he knows that there is only truth and falsehood, justice and injustice.

Rei (Polite Courtesy) - A samurai is neither a bully nor a brute killer. He must treat his enemies with courtesy.

Yu (Courage) - Only fear of death can destroy life; the samurai replaces it with an understanding of danger.

Meyo (Honor) - Praises and curses are not what defines honor; the samurai reserves his judgement for himself.

Jin (Compassion) - Just as the farmer does not grow crops merely to fill his own belly, the warrior does not fight for himself alone. A samurai must be constantly aware of the duty to protect others.

Makoto (Complete Sincerity) - A samurai's words and his actions are one and the same. To 'promise' would be redundant.

Chugo (Duty and Loyalty) - Actions and their consequences define those who take them. The samurai's loyalty to those that he guards for is unshakeable.

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