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Ferlaye, Mar 6, 08 2:00 PM.
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Welcome to the Ashen Enclave Guild Portal!

After the devastating war against Arthas, Silvermoon City lay in ruins. Even with the armies of the betrayer of Lordaeron defeated, the Scourge was still pounding on the doors of this once powerful and magical refuge of the High Elves. Many of the High Elves lost loved ones and some even saw them rise again as Scourge minions.

In the middle of all this aftermath and turmoil, some High Elves, now calling themselves Blood Elves, could not stand still and wanted to restore the glory and the might of their race. They founded Quel'Sin, a guild destined to accomplish these goals. Seeing that so many of their brethren had fallen to the Scourge but awakened as free Forsaken, they reached out to Undercity and welcomed any Forsaken to join their cause.

However, after some time, some high placed members of Quel'Sin sadly noticed the guild was more and more straying from these ideals. They decided that the cause of the Sin'Dorei and the Forsaken were to important and founded a new guild, Ashen Enclave. Ashen Enclave stays loyal to the basic ideals that once united the Sin'Dorei and the Forsaken: rebuild the former kingdom of Quel'Thalas, eradicate the Scourge and fight the Burning Legion and any adversaries anywhere they pose a threat.

Today Ashen Enclave is organized around three main organizational sections: The Will, The Eye and The Hand. Each of them represents a major part of the society the guild tries to restore:
  • The Will. Members of The Will focus on Arcane studies, diplomacy and scholarship. They aim to restore the intellectual and educational level of the Sin'Dorei.
  • The Hand. The Hand is the rebirth of the military organization the High Elves were so feared for. This section is responsible for keeping the Burning Legion and any other adversaries at a safe distance.
  • The Eye. Both The Will and The Hand need information about the world around them. This is exactly what The Eye offers them: intelligence gathering, scouting, spying ...
Ashen Enclave is an independent organization but is loyal to both Lor'themar Theron, regent of Quel'Thalas, and Sylvanas Windrunner, ruler of the Forsaken.

The Ashen Enclave Council.

If you wish to be part of this guild, post an application in the apropiate forum. In case you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact any of the officers.

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