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What "Blitzkrieg" does!

Guild Goals.

539673361_Inactive, Apr 20, 08 5:37 PM.

    My name is Forgoon, the future guild leader of the guild called "Blitzkrieg". First off, what the name "Blitzkrieg" represents is a strategic war strategy called lightening war. I have a huge amount of experience as a Guild leader in MMO's such as World of Warcraft. "Blitzkrieg" will have many goals in AoC such as controlling one of the 8-9 battle keeps per server. In order to get a battle keep we will all have to work together and gather supplies hastily. We will work towards server domination with your help!
I have been playing WoW since it has come out and it is getting boring, I see AoC as a great opportunity to start fresh and become one of the best guilds around. In Blitzkrieg we are recruiting ALL hardcore PvPers ( all classes and crafting skills) that can learn the AoC combat style quickly and effectively. We own a ventrilo server, working on a web site, and expect all members to know how to use these programs and understand them... Also you will be required to donate a vast majority of your money and resources to the guild, If you have read up on AoC you should know and understand that this is necessary and will be worth it in the end as this will require the ENTIRE guild working as hard as we can to accomplish this goal. Hopefully we will be able to purchase a Battle keep before the 8-9 slots are taken up. though once we are able to build defenses the resources you will need to donate will lessen and you can use them for personal needs.

Currently I’m not sure of the Server names, though we will be on a PvP server. When the game becomes available for play to the people who preorder the game (May 17) Which I STRONGLY recommend  I will announce the server name on this thread. When you create your character talk to me ASAP for a guild invite and I will give you ventrilo info at this time. We will strive to defeat our enemies at our gates of our battle keep... We will participate in siege warfare as well as gruesome battles... If you are interested in joining our guild please reply to this message and tell us.... All who are interested in the profound world of pvp are welcome to "Blitzkrieg".
Also all who join us before the game starts will have specialized ranks that enable them to do more things than the regular rank.
                             This guild is for serious players that are active only.
                                                                      Guild Leader of "Blitzkrieg",   
                                                                                                       Forgoondsfgasdfghdsfgfdhdfsgdsfgdsfgs fkldjsgdfg

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