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New go vote!
May 4, 08 4:35 PM
Affliction is coming back!!!
Apr 19, 08 11:03 PM
Get ppl on this damn site!!!
Oct 13, 07 8:44 PM
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Welcome to Affliction, a guild on Arygos of World of Warcraft!!

We are a small guild dedicated to PVP'ing and kickin ass in general in everything we do.  Sanctified and Totempooper are our Guild "kings" and are Fearless leaders and are very Talented and Ruthless and strikes fear into anybody that challenges them and their guildies are just as ruthless and fearless as they are.  Anyone wishing to join us please fill out the request by using the link at the top of the page! We grow as one, We ride as one, We Die as one!



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New go vote!

538485861_Inactive, May 4, 08 4:35 PM.
Just posted a little tid bit to vote on.  please be favoritism!!!  voting closes next sunday (may 11).  ..l..

Affliction is coming back!!!

538485861_Inactive, Apr 19, 08 11:03 PM.
Maybe not just yet...but soon!! We've had a couple folks return to the guild, and hopefully more will find out we are gettin our guild going again.  I'm estimating that we won't be somewhat whole again until mid summer, but I'm definately willin to stick it out!!  So tell everyone the news and get them back to PvP and just rape the fuckin alliance!!!! 

ps.  not sure about the raiding thing but we'll figure something out :)

Get ppl on this damn site!!!

538485861_Inactive, Oct 13, 07 8:44 PM.
Hey guys,

we need to get our members up-to-date on this site.  so anyone you see online make sure they have put in a request to join us through the top of the main page.  if they don't have a user account, just tell em how to do's fuckin cake.  ..I..

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