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Welcome one an all to the Sky Corps webpage.   Sky Corps is a flight centric supergroup on the Triumph Server. It is BRAND new, but growing fast.  

If you feel you have the right stuff to join the Sky Corps, post an introduction in the forums.   Or look for members in game, such as Bombshell Beauty, Rocket Avenger, or myself, Lightforce.


Issue 13:

MzzVixen, Dec 3, 08 4:24 PM.

New Invention Sets

PBAoE Damage


Universal Travel

Recharge Intensive Pets

Accurate Healing

Accurate Defense Debuff

Accurate To-Hit Debuff

Issue 13: Designing Day Jobs

MzzVixen, Dec 3, 08 4:22 PM.

Day Job Badges are part of the Day Jobs system introduced in Issue 13. A character's day job is determined by the actual in-game location from which he or she logs out. Most day jobs are designed to be mutually exclusive, meaning a character is not supposed to earn time for more than one day job at a time.

Hero Badges

Hero Accolades

Issue 13: Designing Day Jobs

MzzVixen, Dec 3, 08 4:11 PM.

On Patrol

In addition to all of the Day Jobs, every character is "On Patrol" after they log out of the game. When players log back into Paragon City or the Rogue Isles they will gain 1 bar of double experience (when defeating enemies) for every 24 hours they are logged out. A player can earn up to 10 bars of double experience this way. Double experience is shown as a blue portion of your experience bar. One thing to note is that if a player has any experience debt, the debt will be removed first before any double experience is applied.

If your character has a number of bars of double experience that exceeds the number of experience bars you need to level up, then this double experience will carry over to the next security/threat level.

Getting Started

When exploring both Paragon City and the Rogue Isles you will encounter several Day Job locations. You'll know you're in one when you see a power icon under your health bar that explains what Day Job you will work towards by logging off in that location.

Try visiting a hospital, where you will earn the Caregiver (Pain Specialist if you're a villain) Day Job. You'll notice a power icon that when moused over will state "Day Job: Caregiver." Logging out from this location will earn you credit toward the Caregiver Day Job badge. When you log back in you'll gain an out of combat regeneration bonus. Once you've logged out in the Hospital for a total of 30 days (consecutively or non-consecutively) or more you'll earn the Caregiver badge and will receive an even more powerful regeneration bonus when you log out at this location from here on out.

Once you have earned the Caregiver badge you will find a hint for how to earn the Physician accolade by first earning the Professor badge. To earn the Professor Day Job badge, you will need to log out from the University for 30 (consecutive or non-consecutive) days. After an extended log out period, the Professor Day Job will grant you a random piece of tech salvage upon mission completion. This bonus will take 10 days of log out time to earn 2 hours worth of this bonus. However, once you earn the Professor badge you only need to be logged out 8 days to earn the 2 hour benefit instead of 10.

nce you own both the Professor and Caregiver badges you will unlock the Physician Accolade. With this Accolade you will be able to earn ‘charges’ for a power that revives defeated allies by logging out from (and back in to) either a University or a Hospital. You will gain the Day Job benefits for both this Accolade and the Day Job benefit associated with the area. Nice benefits!

Issue 13: Designing Day Jobs

MzzVixen, Dec 3, 08 4:09 PM.


An Accolade is obtained by earning two Day Job badges that work in conjunction with one another. In other words, earning multiple badges unlock Accolades. These Accolades will grant an even more enhanced set of powers and benefits. Additional ‘charges’ can also be earned for your Day Job Accolade powers by logging off from either of the areas associated with the two badges that unlocked the Accolade. Below is a list of some, but not all, of the Day Job Accolades available in Issue 13: Power and Responsibility:

Hero Day Job Accolades

Day Job Accolade Day Job #1 Day Job #2 Benefit
Police Chief Law Enforcer City Official Baton Power: Melee Minor DMG (Smashing) For Stun.
Security Chief Law Enforcer Banker Tear Gas: Ranged AoE Hold.
Scientist Professor Intern Sleep Gas: Ranged AoE Sleep.
Physician Professor Caregiver Ally Resurrect
Alchemist Caregiver Midnighter Ally Heal

Issue 13: Designing Day Jobs

MzzVixen, Dec 3, 08 4:08 PM.

Hero Day Jobs

Day Job Name Log Out Location Benefit
City Official City Hall (Atlas Park) Influence Bonus upon mission complete.
Law Enforcer Police Stations Experience Bonus upon mission complete
Commuter Train Stations Travel speed bonus.
Shop Keeper Store Lobbies Enhancement drop on mission complete.
Intern Portal Corp Lobbies Large Inspiration upon mission complete.
Caregiver Hospital Lobbies Out of combat regeneration bonus.
Professor Inside Universities Random tech salvage drop upon mission complete.
Midnighter Inside the Midnighter's Club Random arcane salvage drop upon mission complete.
Banker Inside a Vault Influence Bonus upon mission complete.
Clubber Pocket D Out of combat recovery bonus.
Fashion Designer Tailor Lobbies Coupons that will grant a discount at the tailor.
Mortician Graveyards XP Debt Protection

Halloween Event 2008 Trick or Treat Badges

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 8:32 AM.


Three new badges are available for this event, in addition to the badges from the Halloween Event 2004 and 2006. They are awarded for receiving faction costume Temporary Powers while trick or treating.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Clothes Horse

You've collected 10 classic costumes.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Fashionable

You've collected 25 classic costumes.

Image:Badge_tourist_01.png Ostentatious

You've collected 50 classic costumes.

Note: receiving a duplicate costume will give no indication of the duplicate, but it will count towards the badges. Because of this, it will appear that fewer costume drops have occurred than are required for the badge.

All of the previous Halloween event badges are once again available as well.

Image:badge_event_hallowspirit.png Hallow Spirit

You have helped defeat a manifestation of Eochai, king of the Fir Bolg.

Image:badge_event_hunter.png Hunter

You have defeated 20 of the nefarious Vampires who rose from their graves on Halloween.

Image:badge_event_buster.png Buster

You have defeated 20 ghosts, spirits who have not rested since their original death.

Image:badge_event_shifter.png Shifter

You have defeated 15 werewolves, supernatural creatures created through the disease of lycanthropy.

Image:badge_event_deadhead.png Dead Head

You have defeated 50 zombies, the walking flesh of the recently dead.

Image:badge_event_malleus.png Malleus

You have defeated 75 witches, sorcerous crones who use dark magicks.

Image:Badges Iron Warrior.png Iron Warrior

You have defeated the Halloween Jack in Irons.

Image:Badges ghost touched.png Ghost Touched

You have defeated 20 of the Unseelie Court.

Atlas Park Eochai spawn sites

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 7:43 AM.
For more spawing maps go to BB's blog (( the orange icon upper left corner of this box))

Atlas Park Eochai spawn sites

Image:Halloween 2006 Atlas Park GM Spawn Sites.jpg

Halloween Event 2008 Trick or Treat baddies

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 7:36 AM.


Note: none of these groups counted toward the non-Halloween badges available in the game normally. For example, these Fir Bolg do not
count towards the Pumpkin Master/Mistress badge.


The Coven is made up of witches also seen as the Cabal enemy
group found in Croatoa. Note that this group is the most visually
different from their normal in-game spawns of any of the Halloween
mobs. The Cabal is primarily colored in shades of grey and black,
while the Halloween Coven is much more colorful.

Fir Bolg

Fir Bolg can also be found in Croatoa at the present. Note that there is no badge for defeating them.


Spectral Demons from the Circle of Thorns were used to create the Spirits faction.


Council vampyri were the models used to make up the Vampires enemy
group for the event.


Council nightwolves and warwolves were the models used to make up the Werewolves faction for the event.


The zombies are Banished Pantheon soldiers.

Unseelie Court

The Unseelie Court was a new enemy group for the 2006 event. They accompanied the random zone spawns of Eochai and Jack in Irons.

Enemy Images

Halloween Event 2008 Zones and lvl's

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 7:35 AM.


Trick or Treating only worked if the player was in a zone with a level appropriate for their current combat level. The following are the appropriate levels for various zones:


01 - 11 Atlas Park
01 - 11 Galaxy City
05 - 15 Kings Row
05 - 15 The Hollows
07 - 15 Perez Park
10 - 20 Steel Canyon
10 - 20 Skyway City
11 - 20 Boomtown
20 - 30 Independence Port
20 - 30 Talos Island
20 - 30 Striga Isle
20 - 30 Terra Volta
21 - 30 Dark Astoria
20 - 30 Croatoa
30 - 40 Brickstown
30 - 40 Founders' Falls
30 - 40 Crey's Folly
33 - 40 Eden
40 - 50 Peregrine Island
40 - 50 Firebase Zulu


01 - 10 Mercy Island
05 - 15 Port Oakes
10 - 20 Cap Au Diable
20 - 30 Sharkhead Isle
25 - 40 Nerva Archipelago
30 - 40 St. Martial
40 - 50 Grandville

PvP (Both)

Since all PvP zones automatically Exemplar anyone entering to a specific level, anyone entering the zone is brought to a combat level appropriate to the zone, so all zones are appropriate for Trick or Treating for anyone of a high enough level to enter the zone.

20 - 50 Siren's Call
30 - 50 Warburg
Bug! Bloody Bay is currently bugged. It appears to be set to allow trick or treating for levels 10-20, but since all characters entering the zone are Sidekicked/Exemplared to level 25, they are no longer in the level range for trick or treating.

Halloween Event 2008 Halloween Event Salvage

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 7:32 AM.

Free Costume Slot

The event gives the ability to unlock a free costume slot on any character. Which slot it opens depends on how many costume slots you have already unlocked. Costume slots are awarded incrementally...a level 1 will be awarded their second slot, while a level 50 with all four previous costume slots unlocked will unlock a fifth. This reward does not include a free costume change token; unless you have free costume change tokens left over from previous awards, you will have to pay normal influence or infamy costs to change the costume in this new slot.

To unlock this slot a player needs to gather one each of the four types of Event Salvage that can be found through "Trick or Treating". You need one each of Statesman Mask, Lord Recluse Helmet, Back Alley Brawler Gloves, and Hamidon costume. All four then need to be brought to the appropriate Halloween contact for the character's game. Granny Beldam for villains and Annah for heroes. The contact will then unlock the free slot. There was a 35% chance of any Treat being a piece of event salvage, with even chances for which of the four types of event salvage is received.

Event Salvage

Back Alley Brawler Halloween Gloves

Event Salvage

These are rubber Back Alley Brawler gloves, perfect for a Halloween costume. Their manufacture makes it difficult to perform simple tasks like opening doors. Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.

Statesman Halloween Mask

Event Salvage

This is a Halloween mask of the famous hero Statesman. It's made of cheap plastic, and the flimsy string probably won't last through the night. Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.

Lord Recluse Halloween Helmet

Event Salvage

This is a Halloween mask of the infamous Lord Recluse. It's made of smelly rubber, and wearing it makes you all sweaty and hard to find your breath. Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.

Hamidon Halloween Costume

Event Salvage

The most popular Halloween costume among the kids in Paragon City is that of Hamidon. This simple costume is made from coloured plastic wrap. Many kids like to put action figures of their favourite heroes inside the wrap, pretending they are 'raiding' for 'Hami-O's' Heroes can take this to Annah in Croatoa, while villains can take this to Granny Beldam in Nerva, for a reward.


If you already have used the Halloween salvage to get a 2 nd slot you cannot use Halloween salvage again.. But you can give it to another one of your toon.. sell it at the blackmarket or WW's.. or pass it on to a friend.

Halloween Event 2008 Trick or Treat and Costumes

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 7:24 AM.

Trick or Treat

During this event, players will be able to 'Trick or Treat' by clicking on mission doors in the various zones. Players can (No longer valid. Need new door timing info). If a door is successfully knocked, then either a treat is awarded usually in the form of a random inspiration or costume salvage, or else a trick, which will spawn various enemies in the immediate area.

Players have to Trick or Treat in a zone that matches their current effective level (See list below), or the doors will not give tricks or treats. Sidekick/Lackey and Exemplar/Malefactor can be used to allow Trick or Treating to work, and the auto-exemplar of PvP zones mean that they will work for anyone high enough to enter them (except for Recluse's Victory, which has no functioning mission doors.) The auto-exemplar of the Flashback System can also be used by high level characters to make themselves the appropriate level for any zone.

Temporary Powers

One of the treats is the Rock temporary power. It is a one use, ranged attack that does minor smashing damage. Matt Miller was the developer behind this homage to It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. [1]

Image:Temp Melee Moderate.png Rock Ranged Smashing Damage
You got a rock.

Knocking on doors can give a "Classic Costume" Temporary Power. These powers last for 13 days real time, are incompatible with any stealth powers, and cannot be used in PvP zones. For costume models that have a single gender (such as Carnie Harlequin or Strongman), activating the costume will force the apparent sex of the character to match. For costumes that have both genders (such as Crey Agent), the character will use the appropriate model. Finally, some of the costumes will have special animation built into it (such as Goldbricker and Sky Raider having animated flightpacks, PPD Hardsuit with rocket boots when in flight, Pirate having ghost-style flight, etc).

  1. Banished Pantheon Shaman (m)
  2. Consortium Guard (m)
  3. Carnival Harlequin (f)
  4. Carnival Strongman (m)
  5. Coralax Minion (f)
  6. Council Galaxy (m)
  7. Council Penumbra (m)
  8. Crey Agent (both)
  9. Crey Power Suit (m)
  10. Crey Security (m)
  11. Freakshow Boss (m)
  12. Freakshow Stunner (m)
  13. Goldbricker (m)
  14. Hellion Thug (m)
  15. Knives of Artemis (f)
  16. Legacy Chain (m)
  17. Lost (m)
  18. Malta Gunslinger (m)
  19. Malta Operative (m)
  20. Nemesis Soldier (m)
  21. Outcast Thug (m)
  22. Paragon Protector (both)
  23. Pirate (m)
  24. PPD Cop (m)
  25. PPD Hardsuit (m)
  26. PPD Swat Officer (m)
  27. Scrapyarder (m)
  28. Skulls Thug (m)
  29. Sky Raiders (m)
  30. Troll Ogre (m)
  31. Tsoo Inkman (m)
  32. Vahzilok Eidolon (both) 
  33. Warrior Thug (m)

Costume Images

Halloween Event 2008 Overview

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 7:21 AM.

The event is currently scheduled to run from October 18th through November 2nd.


For the 2008 version of this event, there are three main sections to the event.

  • First, trick or treating from door to door returns, with some tweaking of the door timers to promote a more mobile version of trick or treat, and discourage door camping.
  • Second, the Giant Monster zone spawns and eternal night have returned.
  • And finally, a new "Zombie Apocalypse" zone event has been added, with massed hordes of zombies attacking random zones throughout the event.

In 2006, the event ran in all zones in the game except Recluse's Victory, The Hive, Cascade Archipelago, The Chantry, and The Storm Palace. The few zones where the event were not running were all zones for at least level 40 characters, so for any characters below level 40, literally every single accessible zone was running the event. For 2007 the new Faultline, The Abyss, and Rikti War Zone were also zones in which the event was not functional. For 2008, it has been confirmed on Test that Rikti War Zone, at least, now has the event running this year.

Halloween Event 2008 Zombie Apocalypse

MzzVixen, Oct 19, 08 7:15 AM.

Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse is a zone event that uses the Rikti World Invasion engine. Random zones throughout the game come under attack for periods of time. The start and end of an apocalypse event are broadcast on the appropriate Hero or Villain event channel. The sky of an invaded zone turns red, and zombie hordes begin to attack very similarly to the troop phase of the Rikti invasions.

New: 4 new badges for zombie hordes

Image:Badge event halloween 2008 01.png Glimpsed the Abyss

You've taken down 100 Zombie Minions, showing you have Glimpsed the Abyss.

Image:Badge event halloween 2008 02.png Safety in Numbers

You've taken out 33 Zombie Lieutenants, proving that there is Safety in Numbers

Image:Badge event halloween 2008 03.png Evil's Resident

You've defeated 25 Zombie Bosses, making your place of occupation a Home of the Dead!

Image:Badge event halloween 2008 04.png Apocalypse Survivor

You've helped take down a Zombie Elite, showing you are an Apocalypse Survivor!

  • Apocalypse Survivor grants access to the Pumpkin Head costume piece (Under Special Helmets).


Minion - Zombie - The dead are restless and are walking the earth. They hunger for your flesh!

Lieutenant - Reanimated Corpse - The dead are restless and are walking the earth. They hunger for your flesh!

Boss - Soulless Husk - The dead are restless and are walking the earth. They hunger for your flesh!

Elite Boss - Nightmare - The dead are restless and are walking the earth. They hunger for your flesh!

Up in the Sky Corps supergroup base

MzzVixen, Sep 14, 08 5:38 PM.
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