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Three down, Three to go
Apr 14, 08 5:24 PM
Apr 7, 08 7:21 AM
Gold Farmer > Grull!
Mar 31, 08 9:20 PM
Yes we can!
Mar 31, 08 7:01 AM
Aki'lzon the Eagle meet Gold Farmer
Mar 31, 08 6:58 AM

Welcome to the Gold Farmer's of Jaedenar
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If you have questions please contact an Officer in-game.

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Our guild focus is PvE progression and player development.  We are committed to working together to to achieve our goals, and to treat guild members equitably. 

Oh.. and someone also mentioned something about kicking horde ass....

Other Guild News

Three down, Three to go

Leohart, Apr 14, 08 5:24 PM.
Halazzi downed in another one shot first boss kill. For the run, we missed the bonus by a mere 15 seconds! Super job guys.


Leohart, Apr 7, 08 7:21 AM.
Second trip into Grull's Lair was amazing, capped by an EPIC one-shot of Grull.  Didn't beat our 11 Grows record but we were close.  Keo, Loper, Moon, Alyssar, Rat, Colbs, Z, and Lasker all ran off with loots.   

Gold Farmer > Grull!

Leohart, Mar 31, 08 9:20 PM.
Grulll's Lair cleared on our first guild raid. You guys are amazing! Grats to Zweite, Cree, and Nivek on T4, De on a crappy waist and Leo on Bloodmaw Magnus Blade.

Yes we can!

Leohart, Mar 31, 08 7:01 AM.
The first 25 man boss we faced, down! Grats to Farother, Shaaru, and Colbs on phat lewts.

Aki'lzon the Eagle meet Gold Farmer

Leohart, Mar 31, 08 6:58 AM.
Great first for the guild after much Kara grinding! Grats to all who got gear.
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