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Ascension Steps into Hyjal...
Jul 11, 08 12:40 PM
Void Reaver and Fathom Lord Downed (5/17/08)
May 19, 08 2:03 PM
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Welcome to the Ascension-Arthas Guild Site
Ascension is an easy-going raiding guild on the Arthas-US server. We welcome any experienced or learning players that offer a certain level of competence with the game and wish to get into the raiding scene.

>> ASCENSION is currently recruiting! <<
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(Click the above button to view application)

Guild Raiding Information
Over the past six months Ascension has soared into T5 content with success, with many wipes and many new shiny epics to hand out to their members. We are currently looking to finish off SSC/TK and work on Hyjal and Black Temple. Due to some current bad luck, we are in desperate need of well knowledged players that are willing to make at least 2/3 raid days and that are dedicated to helping the guild out in whatever way possible. If this fits your description, please fill out an application and the officers will take a look at it.
Required Raid AddOns!
Anyone wishing to raid with Ascension should have the following AddOns and programs installed and enabled before entering the raid:
1) OMEN THREAT METER - Keep track of your threat and prevent aggro gains.
2) DBM (Deadly Boss Mods) - AddOn tracks and displays countdowns for spells and cooldowns on any major boss in raid encounters.
These addons are the only required ingame addons, however, you may use any other addons you please to in addition to the two above. If you are someone who is obsessed with knowing where you rank in dps, download your own dps charts like DamageMeters or SWStats. All addons can be found on Please take the time to download these.
- Any member raiding MUST have Ventrilo installed and running during raids. Vital information and strategies are given through vent as it saves time and is more concise than raid chat. You can find vent info in the Guild Information  section ingame. If you are a guest raider, Vent info will be provided in raid chat as well. (Download Here)
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Ascension Steps into Hyjal...
By 539626346_Inactive, Jul 11, 08 12:40 PM

After the first three wipes in Hyjal, Rage Winterchill is down. Excellent job guys, I am very impressed at everyone's preformance on this boss and I'd love to see continue, we'll get a screenshot next time >< oops!

Void Reaver and Fathom Lord Downed (5/17/08)
By 539232589_Inactive, May 19, 08 2:03 PM

F yeh!

VR and Fathom Lord Down 5-17-08. Good job!

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