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Shattered Halls has struggled for a long time. Guilds rise and fall, but bosses don't. Then Contingent arrived. Evil overlords across Outlands had their plans foiled, and their lairs looted. yet now a new evil arises in the north, with the return of the scourge, and their leader, Arthas.

We are the heroes who will put him in his place. We are a small group who yet aim to cleanse the world of all evils. We are all that's left, the final <Contingent>...
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Contngent Recruiting for Ulduar!

MnemeSH, Feb 10, 09 5:09 PM.

Getting things Rolling

Elvirasa, Jan 25, 09 4:34 AM.
Now that Contingent has undergone a few changes and everything is up and running, we would like to announce that we are currently recruiting again.

I would also like to take this opportunity to point you all to the Rules section in order to view the changes to the dkp system.



Elvirasa, Jan 19, 09 3:35 AM.
Hey all

As a lot of you already know, that time has come for Contingent to move on into other hands as Emi needs time for real life..

This is just a note to warn current members and prospective ones, that recruiting will be on low note for the time being while we sort out the changes we will make to the guild and the way things work around here,  I hope you all welcome the changes that Jupiter and I bring and stick around for some good times raiding together and reaching new heights to carry on what Contingent stands for.

Contingent Recruiting!

MnemeSH, Jan 5, 09 2:37 PM.

Your gear should be on par with naxx25, so you will be able to join our ventures in Ulduar as soon at next patch is up. Other classes/spec are taken into consideration. Apply at

Malygos downed - Content Cleared

MnemeSH, Jan 4, 09 3:55 PM.
Better posting late than never :P
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