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We have moved

The Alliance Defenders has moved.  Please visit our new website at  Thank you

Welcome to the Alliance Defenders website.

We are accepting deviants, alts, twinks, gnomes, refugees, lepers, gnomes, amputees, gnomes, mules, naked gnomes, drunks, drunk gnomes, horse thieves, Canadians, Canadian gnomes, people who chew with their mouths open, people who chew on their own tongue, people who chew on their friends' tongues, gnomes who chew on their friends' tongues (think about that - some gnome hangin' off of somebody's face, just masticating away.....), and pretty much any one else.
No politicians, though.  We have our standards
As you may have guessed, we're a social guild with a sense of humor (IDC if you think it is funny, it's still humor.  I'll bet the Canadians get it).  We try to be helpful, but our primary purpose is to have a fun place to level, or have conversation with other freaks while we do.....whatever. Eventually we foresee having enough people to actually do content as a guild, but that isn't the emphasis.  We just wanna have a good time.

     Here you will find out all you need to know about the guild. Who the GM, Executives and Officers are, things that we are planning, and anything else we and you as guild members feel like sharing. I hope that your time playing within Alliance Defenders brings you fulfillment from your game playing time.
I will start by telling you a little about why I started this guild.
      I was with a guild for a long time who I am very proud to mention BLOOD AND HONOR!!! But as I found life gets in the way people move on, and thats the way it goes. Although the guild I was in was still up and running, I was finding there wasn't alot of communication any longer while online, and although it had about a hundred members left when I decided to leave, I had spent hours online by myself. So I have taken what they have taught me to bring you Alliance Defenders. 
      First for those who don’t know me, my name is Ruffgal. I have 2 other toons LilRuffgal, and Syuri who is the listed Guild Master. Myself and a few others decided to create a guild to provide a comfortable fun atmosphere. We want a "family" type guild for all range of levels, for all ages to play, So we decided to form a guild with ACTIVE players, finding others who are about team playing, and helping others get as much enjoyment out of the game as they themselves would want. By active, we do not mean every waking hour of the day, but a few hours a day even to pop in and say "hi". We would also like to implement regular instance runs for players for that level, and when we develop our higher players, start doing raid groups on the nasty Hordes!!!! And of course we all want to see level 70 and the heroic instances and dungeons!! but in order for that to happen we need to grow. Not only our individual toons, but as a guild, so we are strong as a unit when Instancing and Raiding a HORDE town. 
  Before we can hit End game or raiding Horde towns everyone needs to focus on a few things:
Get to know your fellow guild members... contribute, say hi, welcome new players, congrats on a ding, grouping for quests with members of your guild, even helping out people with something that you create with a skill. Every little thing counts, and it will help others in the guild get to know you.    
Work on your toon, the higher our members travel the ladder together, the more members we have to be able to run the groups and raids.

We would like to see this guild give all its members an amazing game experience, just as B&H did for me. I was sad to leave, but as a guild, things were falling apart, and I found myself no longer being able to group with guildies, higher ones were leaving, the people I started the game with were no longer in the guild, ones who had built there toon with the help of everyone else and left :( very disappointing. No raids were being ran, no more instances. There are many strong great players in Blood and Honor and I will be sad not to have them joining me, I will miss them greatly!! Luv ya guys !!
     So I do not want that for the Alliance Defenders. I want us to be a force to reckoned with on Nazgrel.  So we need you all too really focus on building your toons. Respect is the number one most important thing to our guild. From this point forward, all of us are not only representing ourselves but the entire group of Alliance Defenders. If others see our guild as being a GREAT one.. Who knows they may want to be a part of the family as well. 
      Remeber being in a guild is all about give and take, and it really does work both ways, I learned that from all the time I have spent on line, what I have given and gotten. When others see these kinds of efforts it really does encourage others to act the same way.

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank You for your interest in Alliance Defenders And I look forward to getting to know all of you.


I am always open to suggestions and ways to make this guild one we can all love and promote.. so feel free to send me any comments, advice, or even criticism. Any way we can help the guild be the best on Nazgrel is open for discussion.

Thank You
Your GM
Syuri and the Ruffy's

Please take a moment to read through the rules



Alliance Defenders Rules

Official Rules of Alliance Defenders

Note: I took this from the former guild I was in, Blood and Honor. As I mentioned it is a great guild but people move on and life happens :)... but these rules helped maintain a fun, hassle and abuse free environment :)

Members and guests, please read the following guild rules carefully.  Remember, guild members are expected to know these rules and abide by them.  To paraphrase the old maxim, "Ignorance is no excuse."  These will be simple, and to the point.

       Abusive language or verbal attacks on other players in guild chat,in open channels, or private tells to other guild members is prohibited.  Racist, sexist, sexual orientation attacks, or other obscene slanderous remarks are grounds for immediate removal from the guild.  If ANY guild member asks you to refrain from using a particular type of language or phrase, you are to respect that member's wishes.  If you disagree, report your issues directly to me or an officer.  Keep arguments out of guild chat. Anyone seen Posing as another person in Guild chat, Trade channel, or General will be IMMEDIATLY removed from the guild. If you must argue, keep it in tells.  If the argument is one-sided, /ignore the person and report the incident to us.  Those who antagonize other guildies are subject to Muting, point reduction, and possible guild removal.  Please report any incidents to us with in-game mail or at

Begging, asking for loans, is to be kept out of guild chat.  Respect your fellow guild members and remember that you are not a lowbie in the plaza in Stormwind begging for a dime. If You are sooo close to that mount or special thing you are saving for.. I am sure that with what the bank has available and your fellow guild members, asking for help is always an option, begging is not.  

Don't be a ninja.  What's that mean you ask, a ninja is a player that is in a group that rolls need on everything, wins all the loot and leaves the party - or stays ( if your lucky )cause usually these players are quickly kicked from a group. A mistake is a mistake, but after the first time its no longer a mistake. One final note, there is nothing wrong with asking your current group if they need  drops - it shows respect and it will get you more groups in the future.  Trust me we ALL " NEED" silver and gold to progress in game, but when your in a group and your trying to finish a quest objective.... loot should be very little on your mind, loot is a bonus.  Excessive greed will decrease your reputation in the guild.  The officers and raid coordinators keep track. 

In short respect your fellow guild members, do unto others as you wish done to you. We all pay to play this game and for some of us the time we have to play is valuable, please take this into consideration. Do not waste others time as you would not want yours wasted.

Guild Calendar

   The Guild Utilizies the in game calendar to help organize raids, instance runs, and Events held by the GM and other officials. As members you can also post a day you would like to run an instance, and others can sign up for the run.

   Please be adivised ANY SPAMMING of the calendar is grounds for Demotion. Do not post requests for help with Quests, thats not what it is for. With over 220 seperate accounts within the guild if everyone starts adding quest help it will begin to get over loaded. If you would like to run an Instance check to see if there is already a run for that area posted. This will help to avoid a bogging down of our calendar. If you need help please see the calendar and the days the mentors are available. You may not get help "Immediatly" when you ask in Guild Chat as players are sometimes workin on their own thing. The Mentors each day ensure that within at least a few hours someone can give you a hand. You may need to work on a few other quests, but you will be able to get help with those harder things within a reasonable time. 
     Any item posted is at subject for removal. This area is not meant to post Birthdays, or be used as a personal calendar for yourself. There is a seperate area designated for that. Its a way of having organization and allowing members to sign up for scheduled runs instead of scrambling in Guild chat for a party. Respect that this is a form of communication between you and the guild.

If you believe one of these rules is too lenient or harsh, please talk to me.  We have a mandatory forum that after reading these rules you must go into and write the word "Hello". You will have a week from entry into the guild to do this. You can also discuss any problems you may have with the rules. Doing this shows us that you are ok with the rules, and understand that they are not put in place to make the persons in "official" positions to look or feel like they have "power" or to make you feel like we are trying to boss you around. They are in place because we have many different ages, races, and people playing this game and we need to respect everyone as we wish to be respected. I respect all of your opinions, and these rules are designed to enhance the enjoyment of the game, not to restrict you. I understand freedoms of speech and it's just a game, we are really all here to have fun in a safe environment....well not the HORDE for long!!!



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