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Seekers of Pain
Jun 20, 08 4:12 AM
Free play for new and returning until July 25th
Jun 20, 08 4:12 AM
Attention everyone
Feb 25, 08 2:11 PM
The Fall ?
Feb 6, 08 5:12 AM
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Welcome to Seekers of Pain

We are a fun, family style guild who enjoys grouping and doing things together.

As this site is new to the guild, I ask that you take a moment to register with guildportal and add in your characters.  Once you fill out the application to the site I will get your Forum access going so we can make plans and get the guild moving.
Change is in the air....please make good use of this new site and check on it often as I will post events to do as a guild here.  I will not be posting these in the guild MOTD so it is in your best interest to check the site.


Danceswwolves1, Jun 20, 08 4:12 AM.
Well this looks like the end for SoP. I came back to EQ after a long hiatus. No one is on and the guild chat echoes . I am looking to join another guild so I may do some raiding and have some other people to talk to. Lui, I noticed you havent been on in awhil, if you return just give me a tell. would be great to hear from anyone that is or was in SoP. Take care all, you will be missed.

Free play for new and returning until July 25th

539245037_Inactive, Jun 20, 08 4:12 AM.
Sony is letting new and returning players play free until July 25th, and giving everyone who re-subscribes all expansions through the latest, for free!

More details at eqplayers

So come back and play!  (I'm getting lonely here all by myself)

Attention everyone

539244684_Inactive, Feb 25, 08 2:11 PM.
Hello to all guildies, current and recent past members. I have re-upped my subscribtion and am returning to my position in the guild. It is good to be back, but at the same time I see that things are not as they were when I left them three months ago. I realize that activity came to a near standstill and many have left for other guilds or have had to leave due to RL. I call upon all who can see this to come back to the guild, in alt or main form and try to be on more often so we can rebuild things back to where they were when I left. We need to organize again, and get people active in forming a core to build on, so we can branch out in recruiting again, as I see EQ has started a kind of festival to help guilds and unguilded players alike in this matter. I dont blame anyone for leaving and open a welcome hand to all who would like to be part of SoP once again. We need everyone's help, please send me messages in game or on this site so I have a better understanding of everyone's circumstances, thank you.

(P.S. DwW if you are considering coming back, pls do so, I would love to have you online and around again friend)

Your Co-leader,

The Fall ?

Danceswwolves1, Feb 6, 08 5:12 AM.
 hello everyone. Looks as though things are not well on the front lines of SoP. So sorry i havent been able to return. Marriage counseling is taking alot of my time and the wife and I want to get things working for us. Was touch and go for awhile. Things are getting better. Sounds like the guild is falling apart. I am hoping to return soon. Hopfully not to an empty guild. let me know whats happening. Would like to hear from anyone. Later all.
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