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The Chosen Few
New Website Soon
Apr 2, 08 10:02 AM
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Welcome to your new website!

Welcome Members and Recruits,

Welcome to Our new Web Space I have opened this new space For the improvements to the guild that are going to start soon! I don't want to reveal anything too soon but one is going to be a guild bank. I will also be having some mandatory meetings for the officers starting with my guild advisors. This guild is going to be Fresh and new, which was one of the reasons Tucker Decided to Step down, because the guild seemed to be stagnant.  I want people to have a reason to get to 70 and hit those Important levels that might mean a promotion in the guild. I will say this. Get ready cause this guild is moving on with or without you. I would like for everyone thats here to stay but i know that with change people might leave but i, being in the guild from the beginning , I have a good idea why the guild was created and have followed it all the way.  Thus being said Those who remain stagnant and offline will unfortunately be left behind.

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New Website Soon

IceJones, Apr 2, 08 10:02 AM.
I am working on a new Website for our guild it is better sooted for where are guild is going i will be working on this getting it set up over the next few weeks. im gonna try and trasport our forums here to the new site but if not ill move the most important post.

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