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This is One Wish's offical homepage.
Were a horde raiding guild on Quel Thalas PVE server EU. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Currently recruiting:

Current raidprogress:
BT - 8 / 9
(illidan best: 51%)

MH - 5/ 5 - Cleared

Tempest keep - Cleared

SSC - Cleared
ZA - Cleared
Mag - Cleared
Gruul's - Cleared
Kara - Cleared

Other Guild News

539201723_Inactive, Dec 10, 07 7:46 AM.
New homepage + archimonde down :) is the adress.

Concill down.

539201723_Inactive, Nov 27, 07 4:17 PM.
IC down 2nd night :). 3 new bosses this week, great job. Let the race for illidan first beginn!

(pallybelt on prot wars ftw? :P)

No alternate text supplied.

Mother is DEADZOR. concill next

539201723_Inactive, Nov 26, 07 7:07 AM.
No alternate text supplied.

RoS down.

539201723_Inactive, Nov 25, 07 7:28 AM.
Essence of souls bites the dust the 2nd  night of attempts.

No alternate text supplied.

bloodboil who?

539201723_Inactive, Nov 14, 07 4:27 PM.
Down aswell this monday, since some1 spoiled it on the realmforums, so might aswell post :D

No alternate text supplied.
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