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Descendants of Fate
....and to all a good night.
Nov 19, 09 9:21 PM
August Update
Aug 21, 09 10:41 PM

                                                WELCOME TO THE DESCENDANTS OF FATE!

    *The great wooden door of the inner chamber creaks open and you step into a dimly lit room. A welcoming fire crackles in the hearth and around a large table are situated the Elders. They offer warm smiles as you enter and place yourself in a high back chair across from them. Refreshments are brought before you as the Elders look over you. You wonder what they could possibly need with you as a new recruit, being called into their meeting chambers.* 
    Welcome to the Descendants of Fate, Initiate. *One of the Elders says sweetly* We are here to make sure that you find your new home comfortable and welcoming. There are a few rules that you should be sure to know and abide by and the general information of our members and our guild as a whole. 
    *They pass a small journal across the table to you to look through, rules and information printed neatly across the pages.*

    We hope you enjoy your stay with us.

    --The Descendants of Fate are a Heavy Role-Playing guild. We are active and try to host Informal RP events regularly. We are understanding of new RPers and we have an OOC channel for Out Of Character chat. Thus, Guild Chat is in character (IC). We enjoy doing small raids and are open to anything. We are coninually growing strong, and wish to remain family orientated. Guild chat is to be kept PG-13 as there are younger members and members with children that can read. We understand that characters may have different RP from another but hateful, spiteful or characters bent on causing trouble with other members is not tolerated. We do have an active Ventrilo Server, just ask an officer for details if interested in joining us.  Vent is also to be kept PG-13.

New Members!  Please scan through the information section quickly to familiarize yourself with some of our rules.  Check out the news section that is updated monthly with current things going on.  Make sure to APPLY to the site and after we approve the application, you may browse the forums and post character stories.  Have Fun! 

Other Guild News

....and to all a good night.

Bud97, Nov 19, 09 9:21 PM.
 While I wish we could keep the great players we have shared so much with, it is apparent we are destined for other things.  In response to the massive inactivity on our roster, I will be reducing membership to those few active officers.  From there, we will decide what to do with the guilds assets, and the future of our toons. 

We have come full circle.  I would like to personally thank everyone who has been a part of the Descendants of Fate.  Whether a founding member or a newer member, I've had a blast meeting and playing with you all.  I do hope our paths cross again sometime.

What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.  - Wendell Phillips


August Update

Bud97, Aug 21, 09 10:41 PM.
For almost 2 years, the Descendants of Fate has sucessfully provided a great home to some great characters and their players.  While admittedly I am not the best guild leader a guild could have, I have always been supported by the best officer corps. one could ask for, and guild members that would make any GM proud to call brother or sister.  Grown from the ashes of another successful, but ill fated guild, my experiment at keeping our close family together has worked out better than I could imagine.  We have enjoyed great times together, laughed together, and shared some tougher times together. Through RP we have developed our characters, progressed in the game by grouping, and offered comraderie whenever possible by chatting on vent and networking on this website.  I have the highest hope and expectation that all of this will continue into the far future.

While I am the eternal optimist, I am not naive.  Our status as an RP guild has become invisible as very little if any RP takes place recently.  A vast majority of our most active players have been unable to log in in recent months do to varying circumstances which has made the guild hall a rather lonely place.  Not surprisingly, many other members have found new homes that cater better to their social wants and needs as an online gamer.

 I do not blame anyone for the misfortunes and distractions and subsequent lack of involvement within the guild.  Its a game. Life takes over sometimes and it is no surprise which one you would choose (if the choice even exists).  And I do not blame those who seek something new and different within the game and leave this family for new horizons.  I blame myself a little for not fostering a better environment to kindle the type of experience we are all looking for.  I know for a fact that more events can be scheduled, organization can be improved, and recruitment can and should be a more prominent aspect of my leadership obligations.

But I also tend to get selfish a little and evaluate what kind of experience I am looking for for my 13.99 a month.  I am not exactly sure I can pinpoint it; for example I do not wish to be a heavy raider or PvPer.  I do not require a steady dose of RP or guild runs to keep me satisified.  I suppose my true desire is to see others enjoy themselves and have fun and share that with me.  I suppose I am looking at myself in the mirror and questioning whether or not I am succeeding at doing that after 2 years. 

No, I am not looking to step down or fold the guild.  But I must admit my confidence level is at an all-time low in my ability to keep everyone satisified.  I know I have a vote of confidence from most of  you because if I didnt, you would not still be with us.  And I have nothing but the highest respect for those of you I have shared this journey with.  I have always felt it was my honor to play with you all. 

Im sorry for the rant.  I guess I needed to make sure you all know my take on the guild's current situation.  In the coming weeks, I will be condensing the guild bank DRASTICALLY and may even auction off some larger items to reduce our inventory.  I will also be updating our roster as I have been late to do that with our delinquent players (out of curtesy to them).  In effect, I will be downsizing the guild to more accurately reflect the small, close-knit family we have all become instead of pretending to be something that we are not.  Again, it is my utmost hope and expectation that the DoF will remain strong because of all of our commitment to it.  This family has never let me down before.

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