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Welcome to Eat Crit and DIE's website!

Welcome to our humble web page.  For everyone's information this guild was created by a married couple.  Our main's names are Harleybug & Sugardumplin and in our guild tab's public notes all our toons are marked.  We created this guild to be a fun game loving guild.  

We are currently running KZ and Gruul's Lair.  Invites will start going out approximately an hour before raid time.  Omen as well as Deadly Boss Mods are required to have.  You must also log into vent when we are raiding.   We are a helpful bunch but we do have our limits.  Begging for money, ninja-ing, and repeated run-through requests are the top no-nos.  We don't mind helping each other, but try to use common sense and common courtesy please. 

When it comes to raiding we tend to take the game a little more seriously.  We understand that life happens but repeated dropping out of raids or being generally unhelpful will get you removed from the guild.  If you are unable to commit the time to raid then don't ask for invites.  We raid usually from 6pm to 9pm server but they will run over occasionally depending on the group mentatlity at that time.  We divvy up loots by who needs it most not by DKP.

We are a guild of mostly older folks although we do have some younger players in guild.  However, we do not hold back either in guild chat or in vent so if you are easily offended then we are not the guild for you.  We recently added an online application process so i you are interested please visit the forums.

Also, we have created a account for loading game pix, real pix or whatever for the guild site here.  Login is : Eatcrit & PW is: member.  Feel free to upload photos to make our site even better.

Once again, welcome and feel free to browse our site & please excuse the dust as it is still under construction.

Other Guild News
Gruul is dead. 5/29/08
By 538582970_Inactive, May 30, 08 5:02 PM

Gruul-1.jpg Gruul picture by Eatcrit

Eat Crit killed King Maulgar 4/16/08
By 538582970_Inactive, Apr 17, 08 2:44 PM

HighKing.jpg picture by Eatcrit

We downed Nightbane
By 538582970_Inactive, Mar 7, 08 1:52 PM

Eat Crit downed Prince 3/2/2008
By 538582970_Inactive, Mar 3, 08 5:27 PM

By 538540138_Inactive, Feb 19, 08 9:45 PM

Please check out the new member forum posting

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