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Shadow Tribe
Rahz Quests Follow-Up
Sep 26, 07 11:04 AM
Rahz Follow-Up
Sep 13, 07 9:02 PM
Guild Headquarters Complete!
Sep 13, 07 12:57 PM
Welcome to Shadow Tribe!
Shadow Tribe is a Vanguard Saga of Heroes casual raiding guild on the Seradon server.

Shadow Tribe's origins can be traced back to the Everquest server, Mithanial Marr; where the guild was established as a hard core raiding guild in 1999. 

A core group of friends has adventured together all of these years in many realms:  Everquest, Everquest II, Horizons, Dark Ages of Camelot, World of Warcraft and have now found their home in the realms of Telon in Vanguard Saga of Heroes.

Shadow Tribe is recruiting players who want to raid together once or twice a week.  We are no longer a hard core raiding guild - but we approach raids with the same vigor and determination that we always have displayed.  We simply recognize the healthy need for a game life and a real life.

If you are a mature player who is looking for a guild that will raid seriously; but on a casual schedule - Shadow Tribe may be for you!  

We welcome your presence and invite you to look around our guild site to see if you may be interested in more information about the Tribe.  Simply leave us a post on the forums so we may get to know you better.

Zucco Moriquendi the Dark
Tribe High Sorcerer and Keeper of 



Rahz Quests Follow-Up

539186161_Inactive, Sep 26, 07 11:04 AM.
Tons of stone and bag drops!

Rahz Follow-Up

539186161_Inactive, Sep 13, 07 9:02 PM.
Great progress on the Rahz quests!

Guild Headquarters Complete!

539186161_Inactive, Sep 13, 07 12:57 PM.
The Tribe's new headquarters is on the island of Gawrut Kern (just south of Rahz Inkur).  Construction is complete and the house is completely furnished.  Come take a look!
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