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Welcome to the website for the Black Dragons! We are an EverQuest2 guild on the GUK server.

Check out the Forums while you are here. There are many Tips and Links for Great Information on EverQuest2. Most of the links and tips are in the General Discussion forums for all to see, whether you are a member of our guild or not! Enjoy!

-     Lichdragon


Happy New Year!!

538965803_Inactive, Jan 4, 08 12:51 PM.
Happy New Year Everyone! 2008 is here!

Everyone has been super busy during the holidays and hardly anyone has been on.

New Happenings:

We are now Guild Level 21 and only about 20% away from Level 22! Thanks to Pekkala & Rockstarx & Dharan for grinding away at the writs! (Daermon helped out a bit too, but his love for travel has taken control of him in Kunark!)

Daermon is almost Level 78! He is loving traveling the lands of Kunark and will be happy to answer questions and help others with tips on exploring these new wild lands!

The new pets of the Kunark expansion are sweeet! Just a sample:

Necromancer Mage Pet = a Drachnid (aka: Drider, Torso and head of a Dark Elf & the Body and 8 Legs of a Massive Spider.)

Necromancer Tank Pet = a Lich-like Skeleton Warrior riding an Armored War Horse! The Master version Rides a Nightmare Horse!

Necromancer Scout Pet = a Vampire Scout ;)

In Other News...

Grawp has been missing for 22 days now! We All Hope he is Alive and Well   ;)

Stay Tuned for more news...

- Lich Daermon

Norrathian Maps

538965803_Inactive, Nov 16, 07 9:23 PM.
Hello Black Dragons and visitors. I meet new players all the time in Neriak and around the world & I really enjoy helping them when I can. One thing that has helped me for the past year is a very cool program from a guy who called himself jnils!

He has taken great time and effort to the add locations of many things onto our maps of Norrath! Looking for the npc you got a quest from? Looking for the place where Ancient Crocodiles hang out? Looking for that secret instance zone that an npc whispers about?

All this and more are pointed out by little color-coded dots on your maps thanks to a program that works in conjunction with Everquest 2! This program is called EQ2MAP! It is an auto-updating program that works with your in-game maps to add locations of NPCs, Locations, Mobs, Named Mobs, Quests & Zones!

You can find the latest version of the program here:

This is sometimes called the "cheater" map by users and non-users alike. But the way I see it, I am too busy to guess where things are for hours at a time! And from a roleplaying standpoint... you could just RP that you found a traveler who was very familiar with the area, and who gifted you with the knowledge of many different areas of interest and marked them on your map after you bought him a few drinks at the local tavern!

Anyways... decide for yourself... I just wanted to get this out for busy people who appreciate help when it's offered >;O)

-     Lichdragon

Welcome our Newest Members!

538965803_Inactive, Nov 7, 07 10:30 PM.
Everyone welcome our newest members Inny and Dharan! They are both from Neriak, Inny is an Inquisitor & Dharan is a Shadow Knight. Please welcome them both into our family and help them when you can!

Also we just hit Level 19!! Great Job to Everyone who helped us gain this latest level! Level 20 is not far away and with that new "milestone" we will gain access to 40 more guild bank slots, cheaper houses & horses and many other benefits!

-     Lichdragon

Ventrilo = Less Typing!

538965803_Inactive, Nov 5, 07 9:14 AM.

I have never ventured into the realm of voice communication while playing Everquest2 yet, but this is the next step in playing the game better. Think about all the times you lost aggro, barely cast that heal in time or ran off a cliff while you were trying to type out a message! I for one hate having to type out stuff while I am Tanking in a full group or running away from a Red ^^^ Monster!! Sure "Add" is quick enough to type when another mob sneaks up behind your healer, but wouldn't just saying it out loud to your group be more efficient? The list of benefits for voice communication when playing EQ2 go on and on...

Rayster and Articus from < Pride and Devastation > use Ventrilo for their voice's:   This is a free program that can be installed and used with a microphone & speakers and/or a headset!

Sometime this week I am going to purchase a microphone (or headset) so that I can begin using this cool application! I would urge any other Black Dragons who can find the time to purchase one, to buy at least a cheap microphone and give it a try. Most of the Big guilds use it, but that doesn't mean it's just for "Uber" guilds or players. Anyone can give it a try to see if they like it!

-     Lichdragon

Guild Alliance with < Pride and Devastation >

538965803_Inactive, Oct 27, 07 6:11 PM.
Black Dragons! Last night Rowyn, Grawp & Lichdragon all got together with the two leaders of < Pride and Devastation > to finish the "Foomby's Stolen Goods" Heritage Quest in the Enchanted Lands. Rayster & Articus joined the 3 of us and we completed the entire quest in about an hour! The status experience rewarded by the quest leveled the guild an extra 25% into Level 18!!

< Pride and Devastation > is a Level 24 guild that is about twice as large as we are now. Rayster and Articus lead the guild together and make all decisions as a team (much like Grawp & Lichdragon). Before we began the questing, Grawp, Daermon, Rayster & Articus had an important meeting on the docks of the Sinking Sands to discuss an Alliance with our 2 guilds.

Unfortunately our meeting was disturbed and delayed by the idiotic & rude actions of an < Immortality > member named Badd Habits. We managed to finish our meeting at the bottom of the ocean in the frosty lands of Everfrost! (Good thing I brought enough Neriak Fish Wine to keep us warm while we talked under the waves!)

This would be a fairly casual arrangement mostly aimed at making new friends and teaming up to accomplish things that each of our guilds might have trouble doing alone (especially tiny little us). A great benefit to this alliance will be having more trusted friends to group with on nights where not many of the Black Dragons are playing. Rayster & Articus have tons of experience from running all over Norrath and are happy to help when you have questions! Hopefully both our guilds can be of mutual benefit to each other, even if it’s mostly for the fun of making new friends! Be sure to be friendly with our new friends and help them out if there is anything we can ever do for them. For now we are all testing the waters with some friendly groups to get to know each other.

I look forward to a new era of fun and friendship with this new alliance with < Pride and Devastation > !!

-     Lichdragon

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