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Reminder about forum policy
Feb 20, 08 4:45 AM
If This is News to You, You REALLY Need Vent
Feb 19, 08 5:36 PM
Vent Server Down
Feb 18, 08 7:55 AM
Update Forum Policy Notice
Feb 15, 08 12:10 AM
Feb 13, 08 7:56 AM
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Welcome to The Biohazard Website
Thank you for visiting the Website for the guild Biohazard we are an up and coming guild that is looking at the future to do all raids and End Game.
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Reminder about forum policy

539169785_Inactive, Feb 20, 08 4:45 AM.
If anyone is unsure of appropriate forum behavior, just check the guild structure tab. 

1st removed comment=No action
2nd removed comment=Warning.
3rd removed comment=Demotion to "public status".  Meaning you have access to the site, but not member status.  You still have access to the mailing system. 
4th infraction=REmoved from guild site for a week.  Reapplication process to be considered in one week if you apply.

If This is News to You, You REALLY Need Vent

teamobliterate, Feb 19, 08 5:36 PM.
Vent came back up yesterday!  So, if you've been avoiding it, you don't have to anymore!


Vent Server Down

teamobliterate, Feb 18, 08 7:55 AM.
I was informed by Crovaxx that the no one was able to access the Vent server last night for the Kara run.

I apologize for the inconvenience, though I did find out this morning (9:40am CST) that there has been an attack on our Vent provider's Dallas based servers, which is where we get our server.

I'm sure that you will be able to log back into Vent as soon as they get this figured out.  Until then, we're stuck using crappy WoW Chat.

Should I find anything else out before anyone can get back on Vent, I'll post it here, as well as a general news post once I get notification that the servers are back up.

Thanks for your patience, you beautiful people!


Update Forum Policy Notice

539169785_Inactive, Feb 15, 08 12:10 AM.
Hey Biohazard.  I am writing this to establish a happier, or if at very least, healthier forum.  The following is a policy to help police forum posts in an effort to avoid unnecessary drama and misdirected concerns.  The following will apply to future posts from here on out, but will not address previously posted material.

I believe the forums should be a place to communicate within the guild.  If you want to get a group together to raid Southshore, hey the forum is a great place for it.  If you want to set up a dueling tournament, post it on the forums to see who is interested.  If you have a question regarding your class or a quest, hey the forums may provide you an answer.  If you won't be around this weekend and want others to know, this is appropriate personal material to post, and the website/forum is the place to go.  So while the forums are a great place for guild communication regarding guild activities and/or in-game specific material, they are not a place for personal complaints about guild structure, policy, or other guild members, and will no longer be allowed to be utilized as such.  

Your personal concerns should be taken via in-game mail, website mail, in-game whisper, or verbally through vent to the person/people your concerns relate to.  Consider if you ordered a pizza, would you write an editorial piece to your local newspaper asking why your pizza was late?  I doubt it.  I hope you wouldn't do that.  You most likely would go directly to the source your concern was related to (the pizza place) and ask them why your pizza didn't arrive on time.  That's what this policy is all about (Not pizza problems smartasses!!).  If it's general guild related communication, place it in the forums.  If it's personal concern about whatever, take it to the people your concern is related to in a personal manner.  If you have enough energy to bitch and call people out on the guild site, then have enough energy to write an in-game/website mail to the person or people that can answer your questions and address your concerns.

So as of now, all posts that are of personal (of course not related to in-game character gameplay questions) nature will be deleted upon sight.  Of course this policy will be subjective in nature, but consider that potentially drama igniting posts or posts containing inappropriate personal comments will be the first to go.  If you have a question about this, email me, Mummra either on WoW, or on this site and I'll do my best to clarify. 

Here's the how the following courses of action will break down if you are posting inappropriate material (And also, we are all adults.  You know when you're posting something that may be offensive, so please attempt to think of others before submitting a post/comment that may be questionable).

-1st removed post/comment
-Post is simply removed and a site email will be sent to your account specifying why it was removed.
-2nd removed post/comment-Post is removed, and a warning is issued along with your site email explaination.
-3rd removed post/comment-Post is removed, and your site status is downgraded to "Public", meaning you can only post in the General Discussion area of the forums as well as make comments to news and event articles, and a site email containing an explaination is provided.
-4th removed post/comment-Of course it's removed, but so will your account on the website.  A one week suspension is issued and you will have to reapply for approval after a week to rejoin the site.

And of course as I said before, this is a subjective process.  Posts will be more heavily considered material regarding this policy as a post is something you initiated.  Also please consider that frequency of your infractions is of major importance.  4 infractions throughout a year is different that 4 infractions in 2 days.  But regardless, this policy will stand for this time forward. 

In closing, please still utilize the forums, have fun, communicate with others, make connections, but use some personal judgment.  Complaints, concerns, or personal attacks should be taken to the person/people they apply to, so things can get worked out.  Otherwise, by posting without truly taking the steps necessary to address the issue (by personally bringing the matter to others) we are being passive aggressive with really no seriously displayed intent on fixing the issues we supposedly have concern regarding.  Let me close with a quote that I'm sure you've all heard in reference to fighting over the internet or on forums: 

"Fighting on the forums is like being part of the Special Olympics....Even if you win, you're still retarded."

Let's not be retarded.  Let's have some fun.  Send any questions regarding this policy to Mummra on this site or via WoW in-game mail.  I'll do my best to respond promptly.  Thanks.

539181039_Inactive, Feb 13, 08 7:56 AM.
    I was just wondering if any one would like  to start running some of the old world stuff?? it will give us a better idea how to flow in a raid party and it was a hell of a good time. some of us went to UBRS the other night and it was quite fun, just throwing it out there
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