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Beneath an ember and ash-colored sky, you stand on a scorched battlefield. The ground is strewn with the bodies of allies and enemies alike, as if they were nothing more than leaves tossed by the wind. And like a storm, the battle wages on with brutal devastation...and you are caught in its path.  
   With controlled fury and discipline, you fight alongside the Order's army. But tenacity and blind hatred proved stronger for the legions of Chaos, and you immediately find yourself overwhelmed on all sides. There is not much that can be heard above the sounds of sorcery and steel, so when you called for aid, you can barely hear you own words. Your weapon grows heavy, making it harder to defend yourself, and your energy wears thin with every attack. Multiple wounds score your body, most of them minor, but they take their toll on you nonetheless. You barely block the next few attacks while your mind screams at your body to hold your ground, but it comes to no surprise when you take several hard blows from behind.
   For a moment you feel blinding pain mixed with heavy exertion, and then the next moment your body takes an unexpected turn. It almost startled you, the way your wounds close and your strength returning to you, like the cool rain in a parched desert. Alleviated by the weight of pain, your mind is able to take notice of the one who attacked you from behind lying on the ground, along with others who certainly would of finished the job.
   The sky glows dimly, as if unsure to hold the moon or the sun. Silhouetted against the horizon, your saviors watch you with curiosity and slight amusement. Before you can offer your thanks, one of them says, "You shouldn't fight too far from the others.
That's how they easily defeat you." "But," says another, "this one faired much longer than expected in such a situation. Come, we should leave here before more arrive...the battle never ends here." You are offered a hand, which you take with much enthusiasm and follow your friends to the nearest warcamp. A few jests and laughes are exchanged, lightening the mood while everyone tends to their gear. "There's a tavern not far from here, where we can sample good brew and share some more conversations there..." Says one while pointing to the road. "...or we can continue to fight here. I hear they compensate you well for your help in the front lines." Your gaze drifts from the road then back to the battlefield.
A grin appears on your face.

Welcome to the home of Twilight Sentinels!
We are a growing guild of mature players. Our server is Averlorn, so we promote role-playing(light to heavy) and mature behavior. For rules, please visit the forums.
All who are interested in joining our guild, please visit the Forums to view the rules and info, then send a mail here or send an in-game tell to any officer.

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