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Dragon Legion
All Systems Go!
Aug 31, 07 9:47 AM
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Welcome to Dragon Legion!

First things first: RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT! In order to be successful, we need members. All members of the guild have the ability to invite members at this point in time. Please feel free to use this responsibility. I only ask two things: firstly, do not spam in any zone, this gives a bad image of the guild. This is something we do not want. Second, use your judgement when inviting. We would like quality members that know how to play and do not have attitude problems. If any member of the guild annoys me, they get one warning, after that they are gone.

Baraka is my main character. I know that I am not very high yet, but I will do my best to run other members through instances or provide extra help if I can't run it myself. I know for a fact that I can do SFK or lower instances, any higher I have not tried solo. I will help whenever I can with whatever it is and I expect other members to do the same.

Anyone who is willing to host a Ventrilo server, please contact me in-game via /w or through a letter in the mail. I play on a laptop in multiple locations so hosting is a server is something I am unable to do until I have a more stable machine to run the game.

Any suggestions for guild events/activities are welcome. I hope you all have a great time playing World of Warcraft and I hope the guild can be all you want it to be.
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All Systems Go!

539156246_Inactive, Aug 31, 07 9:47 AM.
The guild is up and running. Thanks to the charter members who helped get it started. Let's start building our ranks and get our levels a bit higher and we can start getting into the fun stuff. Good luck and see you in Azeroth!
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