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VeNoM ReApRs welcomes you to the best guild on the Chilstra server.

First I would like to say that VeNoM ReApRs is a collection of individuals brought together for a common have fun helping each other, and to eradicate the rebel menace from the face of the Galaxy.

Second, I would like to let everyone know that it is our duty to help our other guild members realize thier potential and help them unlock thier hate and power. 

Last, enjoy the website.  If you have any comments, tips, or anything else that you would like to see here,  to include question and concerns feel free to contact the VeNoM ReApRs Leadership displayed below and ingame. We all look forward to your application and thanks.

Nem-Sis Shadow
Overlord of VeNoM ReApR - Guild Leader
"Let peace be their lie. Only the dead can see the end of war. Show them no mercy. Only the Power of the Darkside will prevail!!"

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ReApR Resurection

Noel Reyna, Mar 15, 10 5:21 PM.
ReApR and VeNoM Resurrected thanks to the awesome power of its followers, sith once again rise from the ashes within the ReApR guild, Maybe the might of the sith empire shadow the entire galaxy again!!
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Darth Grimm
VeNoM ReApRs Guild Warlord (Dark Council)
Nem-sis Shadow
VeNoM ReApRs of Shadowfire Guild Leader(Founder of VeNoM and ReApR)
VeNoM ReApRs Guild Warlod (Dark Council)
VeNoM ReApRs Guild Warlord (Dark Council)
VeNoM ReApRs of Shadowfire Guild Master (Founder of VeNoM and ReApR)
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