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Raid Progress

WoW Guild Rankings

Open Recruiting for Warlords of Draenor!
Death Knight open
blood, frost, unholy  
Druid open
bal, fer, guard, resto  
Hunter high
bm, marks, survival  
Mage open
arcane, fire, frost  
Monk high
brew, mist, wind  
Paladin open
holy, prot, ret  
Priest open
disc, holy, shadow  
Rogue high
ass, combat, sub  
Shaman open
ele, enhance, resto  
Warlock open
aff, demo, destro  
Warrior open
arms, fury, prot  
Tier 16
Siege of Orgrimmar - 14/14, 5/14
  Immerseus Hero
  The Fallen Protectors Hero
  Norushen Hero
  Sha of Pride Hero
  Galakras Hero
  Iron Juggernaut Down
  Kor'kron Dark Shaman Down
  General Nazgrim Down
  Malkorok Down
  Spoils of Pandaria Down
  Thok the Bloodthirsty Down
  Siegecrafter Blackfuse Down
  Paragons of the Klaxxi Down
  Garrosh Hellscream Down
Tier 15
Throne of Thunder - 12/12, 2/12
  Jin'rokh the Breaker Hero
  Horridon Down
  Council of Elders Down
  Tortos Down
  Megaera Down
  Ji-Kun Hero
  Durumu the Forgotten Down
  Primordius Down
  Dark Animus Down
  Iron Qon Down
  Twin Consorts Down
  Lei Shen Down
Tier 14
Mogu'shan Vaults - 6/6, 2/6
  The Stone Guard Hero
  Feng the Accursed Hero
  Gara'jal the Spiritbinder  Down
  The Spirit Kings Down
  Elegon Down
  Will of the Emperor Down

Heart of Fear - 6/6
  Imperial Vizier Zor'lok Down
  Blade Lord Ta'yak Down
  Garalon Down
  Wind Lord Mel'jarak Down
  Amber-Shaper Un'sok Down
  Grand Empress Shek'zeer  Down

Terrace of Endless Spring - 4/4
  Protectors of the Endless  Down
  Tsulong Down
  Lei Shi Down
  Sha of Fear Down
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The Clique is a west coast guild on the Norgannon server. The guild is made up of fun, friendly, and (mostly) mature adults. Our focus as a guild is to progress through end-game content while still remaining casual in our approach and attitude. We are known for being a great casual guild, many times breaking the top 5 alliance guilds on our server.

Current focus:
The Clique is focused on raiding all aspects of Mists of Pandaria.  We schedule a 10-man raid twice per week on Tuesday and Sunday.  Invites start at 11:20pm EST (8:20pm PST) and our raids end at 2:30am EST (11:30pm PST).  We use the EPGP: DKP Reloaded system for loot distribution to ensure fair loot distribution.


See our recruiting chart to the left for our current recruiting needs. If your class is not on the list, know that we are ALWAYS looking for exceptional players to add to our roster, so apply above by clicking the "Sign-up" link at the top of this page.  Please fill out as much of this information as you can; it will really help us get an overview of who you are.  Responses are limited to 2000 characters. 


Pro tip #1:  We're trying to get to know you, so please be as clear and thoughtful as possible.

Pro tip #2:  We have officers that care about spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Contact Info:

Feel free to contact Xiae, Hadorya, or Mason in-game if you have any questions.

Other Guild News

Challenge Conquerors: Gold - Guild Edition

superdmason, Jun 26, 14 10:58 AM.

Only 5 can go in at a time, but it was a whole guild effort.  Great job Clique!

Garrosh is Down for the Count!!!!

Adorya, Feb 25, 14 12:38 AM.

Garrosh is down! Great job all.

Klaxxi Down!

superdmason, Dec 16, 13 9:51 AM.
I tend to agree with Yin and Hadorya, why doesn't my Klaxxi reputation allow me to just ask for their loot nicely?

Blackfuse Down!

superdmason, Dec 16, 13 9:50 AM.

Thok Down!

superdmason, Dec 16, 13 9:49 AM.
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