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Guild Bank Changes
Jun 7, 08 11:06 PM
Under New Management
Jun 7, 08 1:20 AM
May 26, 08 2:50 PM
Bot Tournament and Picnic
May 16, 08 12:27 AM
Apr 18, 08 2:58 AM
<Earthbound Angels>

An Alliance heavy RP guild based on the Steamwheedle Cartel (US) server, on World of Warcraft. Based on the values of friends, family and allies, we offer a safe haven, or refuge, to those in need from all across Azeroth. Our guild leader, Cyzarine, welcomes roleplayers from all backgrounds and experience levels to join us in our adventures as we begin to grow and flourish.

Recruitment: is open! Interested in joining? Have some questions? Drop an officer a line here in GuildPortal, or whisper any member in game and they will be happy to direct you to an officer, or offer any help they can. A minimal in-character interview may be administered at time of in-game recruitment.
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Guild Bank Changes

Sokhotet, Jun 7, 08 11:06 PM.
Tab 1 and Tab 2 are for Tradeskill items, rank Malakim and above get (essentially) unlimited withdrawals on such items. Grigori are still limited to 0 withdrawals. Nephilim cannot see the bank tabs at all.

If you have an abundance of trade items (like cloth) feel free to toss them in the bank, however also know that you can withdraw items and use them. I've noticed that we tend to collect cloth at insane rates, so you tailors out there get to work!

Tab 3 and 4 are for "rarer" items and items like Primals and items reserved for specific characters like Scarlet mail.

Cheribum can withdraw up to 100 gold, for both personal use and for repairs.

Bank balance as of post: 65g, 21s, 4c.

Under New Management

Cyzarine Para'laan, Jun 7, 08 1:20 AM.
The Earthbound Angels are now operating under a new Lady Serephim. Everyone give thanks and respect to Syladah for stepping in and donning the mantle of leader. If it weren't for her taking it over, we'd all be on the street so to speak. As for other orders of business, unless otherwise stated by out new Serephim, things seem to be back to normal. So go out there and have fun party people.


Cyzarine Para'laan, May 26, 08 2:50 PM.
Sad as it is to say, the Earthbound Angels have been circling the drain for quite some time now, and I think it's time to let it die. I have no patience left for trying to manage all the happenings, or more correctly, the lack of happenings that go on. I personally am starting college, and will have even less patience for such things and the on going lack of passion in anyone else to make anything work whatsoever. Real life problems are being brought into a place of Escapism, and bringing down the atmosphere for everyone involved, even when they do not wish to be.

Obviously, I have not been a good enough leader. So, instead of simply throwing everything down the toilet like I so wish to do, I am offering the position to anyone who desires, or thinks they have the ability to do any better. Yes, the guild is a place where alot of friends have chosen to make their home, so this is why I will simply not trash the whole mess.

Anyone who wishes to petition for the position of Guild Leader may do so by either dropping me a message, in or out of game. If nothing is established or decided by the first of June, Earthbound Angels will be no more.

Bot Tournament and Picnic

Cyzarine Para'laan, May 16, 08 12:27 AM.
We are going to be hosting a Tonk battle and picnic on Tuesday, May 20th and 9pm Server Time. I need people to sign up to aid me in making this work. There will be a post in the forums listing what I need and a place where one can sign up.

Also, to sum up the guild meeting that several people missed, READ and REPLY to forum posts. That is all.


Cyzarine Para'laan, Apr 18, 08 2:58 AM.
With the funeral out of the way, we will officially be starting the time jump on Monday, the 21st. This gives the weekend for anyone to wrap up anything they wish to wrap up. I will also be posting the new guild Doctrine beneath the Members Only OOC tab of the forums, so be sure to read it when you have the chance.
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