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Crown Royal
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R.I.P. Warhound, Guild Tank, bright young man, friend to many, only wish you would have let things turn out different.

Welcome to the Crown Royal Guild site. We are on Arygos server,  Horde side.

We are a guild that currently farms Karazhan, working on Zul'Aman, and Gruul's Lair.

Crow Royal is a growing guild with many experienced players seeking end game raiding.  Our goal is to progress quickly through the available content up to Black Temple.  We are looking for All DPS classes and any healing classes at the moment.  Please read the Recruitment stickies in the forums for more information.
Other Guild News

Gruul Down!

538582036_Inactive, Mar 17, 08 10:22 AM.
Good job everyone, and thanks A Guild for helping out!


538582036_Inactive, Mar 7, 08 12:58 AM.
Many of you may have heard that we lost some members to the free transfers, but we still intend to pursue our goals of end game raiding.  Recruitment is open to all players with hardcore raiding in mind.

High King Down

538582036_Inactive, Feb 19, 08 7:00 AM.
Good job everyone who was there, lets keep farming kara every week and hopefully we will be able to get Gruul soon.

Cleaning House

538582036_Inactive, Feb 15, 08 2:47 AM.
With the ability to begin 25 mans, Crown Royal's leadership will be instituting many changes in the coming days.  Continue to work on gear and farming pots for the raids.

Great Week Crown Royal!

538582036_Inactive, Jan 19, 08 9:47 PM.
Full Kara clear, great job everyone who was there.  Looking forward to ZA on Sunday and Gruul's on Monday.
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