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Welcome to the meeting place for alumni of Brotherhood of the Wolf - DAoC Nimue and Brotherhood of the Warg - Silverhand WoW.
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Guild Tip! To get someone to visit the guild site for the first time, tell them that they're the topic of some very interesting conversations in the forums. (Later, tell them that the messages were deleted because of language.)

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Baby Treyden joins us!

Eshnar, Oct 24, 06 7:15 PM.
Congrats to Treyden + wife on their first bundle of joy.

Transfer to Jubei'Thos Oceanic PvP server

Eshnar, Jul 18, 06 11:07 PM.
Hi all, update that Eshnar, Rakaia and Kahateni (aka Ahchanh) have transfered from Maelstrom RP PvP server to Jubei'Thos Oceanic PvP server to continue raiding on Oceanic friendly times.

As forums are borked, just update here with comments.

Keep safe. Cheers!

Congrats to Eshnar and Rakaia

537140748_Inactive, Dec 22, 05 7:14 AM.
Two sneaky rogues, now at 60. The alliance had best beware, because there is bloodlust in their eyes on Maelstrom.

Happy Turkey Day

537140748_Inactive, Nov 23, 05 4:06 PM.
I'm not sure who still hangs out here and who doesn't, but to those that do, and even those that don't, have a Great Thanksgiving (or an equally pleasant time if you are not in the US and/or don't celebrate this greatest of all holidays, unsullied by marketing pressures to sell us something we don't want).

Thorga hits 60

537140748_Inactive, Oct 10, 05 7:45 AM.
Congratulations to Thorga on completing the journey and starting the next in earnest.
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