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Server Status


Clan Rules

  • First and most important: no alts/non-active chars will be on this clan. Also, you must be reasonable active within the game (playing it) and if you need to go away for long periods of time (more than one week) you must notify it to any of your leaders via e-mail, PM, forums, etc.
  • We do not believe in clan wars or alliance wars: There are many ways to fix issues in the game, clan wars is not an option for our clan. We do not start conflicts, we finish them.
  • We respect our superiors : They are in the clan to help and guide all the members. If you are having any problem, you must talk with your imediate leader and he/she will guide you on the matter. There is also a superiors range ; talk to your clan leaders first instead the alliance leaders. Only the clan leader is able to communicate the guild problems to the alliance. Any player trying to air clan business in the alliance chat will be expelled.
  • We work hard for what we want: Our clan members do not beg leaders for armor, weapons, jewels or adena. The clan will only help to get stuff doing hunting events, parties or raids if needed.
  • We treat good each other : Our family concept is very strong, it helps everybody to feel good and welcome in the clan.Nobody should feel apart, is your duty to be nice and meet your clannies.
  • We respond the clan/ mates calls: If your clan calls you, it is your duty to at least acknowledge the call. Do not ignore your mates, they may need you.
  • We treat the general L2 population with common sense: They are players with the same rights as you, they love to play like you do, so we must respect every player in game, no matter his class,clan or alliance. Remember that every time you talk or say something,you are representing your clan and your alliance.
  • We stay current in clan or alliance events: You should check the clan website and forums at least once a day for important announces, events and news.
  • We work on our character level: Each player should work on its character level, it can be done by participating in clan events, alliance events or soloing. You can also create parties with your friends, and work out in catacombs and raid bosses. There are no leveling requirements, but the leaders are always evaluating the progress of each player.
  • We stay away from problems: Avoid problems every time you can, it will save your exp and your items. The clan will not take responsibility for items dropped in PVP fights.

Academy Rules

  • When you join , you will receive 300k as a sign of good faith.
  • If you want , we can assign you a sponsor for the quests that give you clan armor.
  • ONLY AFTER you finish the 2nd class transfer , you will receive one of the following rewards:
          - 2kk adena
          - C grade armor - from luxury shop
          - low C grade weapon
  • You will NOT get anything else.
  • If you don't get to 40 and finish class transfer quests in 7 to 10 days, you will be dismissed from the academy.




The Prophecy Forum Page

539372204_Inactive, Jun 3, 08 8:21 AM.

The use and aknowledgement
of the Forum Page
 is mandatory
for each and every clan member!

[Visit NOW the forums]

PVP Event

thedark1_ro, Apr 30, 08 9:19 AM.
A PVP event organized by clan will take place this Saturday at 23:30 Romanian Time. More details about it can be found at the 'Events' page.

TeamSpeak(TS) Clan Server

thedark1_ro, Apr 27, 08 3:49 PM.
IMPORTANT: This TS server is ONLY for theProphecy clan. Please do not request a channel for your clan/guild/whatever. Thank you!

To be able to connect to this server you need to have TeamSpeak client, which you can get from this page. Choose TeamSpeak 2 Client and then click download, answer with 'I agree' on the next page and then install the client.

After you have installed TS click on Connect you can see on the right of the page to get connected. Use your character name for 'Nickname', leave 'Server Password' empty. You will get a windows box telling you that the link requires an application to run, click 'Ok'. You should be connected now. Have fun!

LE: Here is a nice tutorial on how to set TeamSpeak client. Click HERE!

Site changes

thedark1_ro, Apr 20, 08 6:10 PM.

In my continuous try for site improvements I've made a few changes to the site structure this Sunday:

  1. fixed the script to check server status, now works correctly

  2. modified the 'Crafting' page to use 'Needs list' box type. Now members should be able to add needs which will be taken into consideration by the officer who's in charge (currently alpinush). TO DO: explain to the officers how to use this page.

  3. added a new page, 'Economy', right after 'Home'.
    • 'Clan Warehouse'. Details on how to use it will be provided to the members in charge of clan warehouse.
    • 'Price of evolution of mats', the title says everything

  4. moved shout box on the front page so people can use it as a guest book or to leave all kind of messages. Refrain from spamming!

  5. new content added to the 'Events' page. You can now see the medals awarded to clan members (yes we will start giving medals to our clan members for various things, more things to be announced later).

  6. several `members` who are no longer part of the clan were dismissed. Alliance members was set to 'Associated' not 'Member'. More to be dismissed :)

  7. deleted 'Market' page, no longer needed. Content has been moved to 'Economy'.

That's all folks!

L2 Interlude Patch

thedark1_ro, Apr 15, 08 4:18 AM.

Clan Goals

Top priority now is equipping all clan members with A grade sets.

TS Server Status

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