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Welcome To Fabled

Welcome Guest

Fabled is a medium size EQ2 guild on the kithicor server. We are a mature guild with a casual atmosphere that is currently level 62. Our members are tradeskillers and adventures, who are always willing to lend a hand. Raids and HQ's are optional. We always get a good turnout and have lots of fun.

We are currently recruiting all classes and levels. Check out our site, talk with our members. If you are looking for friendship,integrity, loyalty, and honor you could be




Website revamp

539125929_Inactive, Jun 26, 08 4:26 PM.
Sorry Fabled i have been slack lately with the guild website. I will doing a revamp of the site soon. I will be adding a section called Hall of Fame. It will be for all our Master Crafters and Adventures that have finished their epics. Also i will be adding a section on HQ's because we have so many members that enjoy doing them. So look for these new places...coming soon!!!

I also wanted to add that anyone working on their epic that needs help..Please ask. We need to know these things so that we can plan and help get these hits done. The more epics we get done, the better Fabled is equiped and the more people we can help means better raids and lots of fun =)

A big Grats goes out to Tink and Likuhi on getting their epics done!!!!

Fabled Turns 60!!

539125929_Inactive, Mar 25, 08 4:35 PM.
Fabled Turns 60!!
Everyone has been doing such a great job. We all appreciate all you do. Keep up the good work.

Fabled Group Does Halls of Fate

539125929_Inactive, Feb 25, 08 4:04 PM.
We took a group of Fabled members to Halls of Fate on Sunday. This was fun i hope to do it again soon. Here are a couple of pics of the dragon we slayed!!!

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Swim off

539125929_Inactive, Feb 20, 08 7:28 PM.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the swim off this past weekend. We had a decent turnout and it was fun to host. I hope you had as much fun participating. Just a break from the norm of slaughering and creating wonderful crafted items.                                           
                    First place went to :    Wenamor
                    Second place went to: Skitzlady
                    Third place went to:    Wintersraeyn

Thanks again to everyone who came out. We hope to have more contests soon.
Who said Barbarians couldn't swim?! WTG Wenamor!!!

Congratulations Master Crafters

539125929_Inactive, Feb 12, 08 5:41 PM.

Master Crafters Are Amongst Us!!! 
This was a long and painstaking process, but well worth it. I look forward to seeing some of our other crafters become Masters!!! Congratulations on these great accomplishments!! 

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Congratulations to Likuhi Master Sage, Kripple Master Taylor, Tink Master Woodworker, Sreeph Master Armorsmith, and Janillian Master Provisioner !!!! (Pics coming soon)

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