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For those who would be our friend, we bid you welcome.  Pull up a chair by the fire and hoist your mug while we regale you with stories (like that time when Aelric fell asleep in Kara - it never gets old!).  Drink deep, my friend, and prepare to join us in laughter, for joy and friendship are what brings light to the darkest of nights.

 For those who would do us harm, beware.  We shall deliver swift justice at your feet in the battlegrounds and arenas of both worlds.

Disciples of Frostmourne is a friendly, tight-knight casual guild on the Kael'Thas server.  Most of our members have known each other for  years and are based out of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  Many others have found a new home with us, ranging from the East Coast up to far western Canada.

Our focus is two-fold at the moment.  Our level 80 characters are busy progressing with the end-game raid content, while we continue to assist alt characters and lower level members. We are currently running 10-man Naxxramus and have successfully cleared it multiple times as a guild.  We are also running 25-man Naxxramus with one or two allied guilds, though progression there is not quite as fast.  Finally, we are beginning to eye Ulduar, as that content promises to be both heavily challenging and entertaining.

We do not have a DKP loot system and do not see the necessity of one.  Our loot system, as with all things in our guild, is founded on common courtesy and enforced by the guild officers and raid leaders.

Our King, Osakis, along with two of the Grand Marshals (officers), Feli and Jovar, founded the guild on April 4th, 2006.  Most guild-wide decisions are made with the King and Grand Marshals; larger decisions are made in council with the King, Grand Marshals, and the Royal Council (advisors).

If you have any questions, you can post them in the Forums, send a GuildPortal mail (links to the right), or send an in-game tell to any of us. 

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Guild Rules

JovarHunter, Jul 2, 09 12:23 PM.
For those of you who are too blind (Feli) to see the link for the new Guild Rules on the left under Site Pages. Here is a link.

Again this has been a test of the blind dwarf testing system. If you were not a blind dwarf you may return to your normally scheduled business.

Thank you,


Naxxramus Progression

Thrallindar, Mar 27, 09 8:32 PM.
It's been a while since I've updated the news with our progression in Naxx.  For a casual guild, we are doing amazingly well.  

According to WoWJutsu we are ranked #85 on the server (21,456 in the world).  This is as of last week, and for some reason it did not catch that we have cleared the Military Quarter - we're probably even a bit higher.

Now, I know that not all guilds are listed on WoWJutsu, including our good friends in Redrum.  However, the majority of the major guilds on Kael'Thas are listed, and our name is out there with the rest of them.  I would also like to point out, while on the subject, that 4 of the top 5 guilds on our server are Alliance.

We're getting quite a list of dead bosses.  If you have screenshots you would like me to post, please e-mail me or message me so I can get them up on the site.

10-man bosses slain by Disciples:
  • Arachnid Quarter
    • Anub'Rekhan
    • Grand Widow Faerlina
    • Maexxna
    • **Full quarter clear**
  • Plague Quarter
    • Noth the Plaguebringer
    • Heigan the Unclean
    • Loatheb
    • **Full quarter clear**
  • Military Quarter
    • Instructor Razuvious
    • Gothik the Harvester
    • Four Horsemen
    • **Full quarter clear**
  • Construct Quarter
    • Patchwerk

This means we only have Grobbulus, Gluth, and Thaddius on the Construct Quarter, Sapphiron, and the dread Archlich Kel'Thuzad, second in command to the Lich King.

I hear we have also attempted OS+1, seeing as regular OS is a joke for our combined might.

I only have two words for our progression thus far - "Be proud".  There are far more "hardcore" guilds out there that have not seen the progression that we have while maintaining a casual feel.

Two left feet

Thrallindar, Feb 26, 09 10:54 AM.
As a whole, we haven't quite mastered the dance.  However, we have Noth down to a speed burn now, which is awesome.  Once we learn the dance, and then Loatheb (likened to a soccer match) we will be both in shape and lookin' good to the ladies/men/dwarves/funny-blue-people-with-octopi-on-their-faces...

Total bosses down in 10-man Naxx:

* Anub'Rekhan
* Grand Widow Faerlina
* Maexxna
* Instructor Razuvius
* Noth the Plaguebringer

Naxxramus progression

Thrallindar, Feb 3, 09 7:37 PM.
Three weeks ago we made our first venture into Naxxramus as a 10-person raid.  We were able to down the first two bosses of the Spider Wing - not bad for the first raid in months and with only two healers.

Last week we went into Naxx with more experience, and progressed even further.  We cleared the entire Arachnid Quarter, and took down the first boss of the Military Quarter.

Total bosses downed by DoF:

* Anub'Rekhan
* Grand Widow Faerlina
* Maexxna
* Instructor Razuvius

We will be going back into that dread citadel again this week, and expect to get even further along.  At this rate, we'll be clearing Naxx in just a few more weeks.  That's amazing for a casual guild - you all should be proud of how well we're doing.  Three cheers for the Disciples!

Full Kara clear; ZA progression

Thrallindar, Oct 31, 08 10:55 PM.
Last week we cleared all of Karazhan, something that has never been done by the Disciples of Frostmourne.  This includes both Netherspite and Nightbane, the summoned dragon. 

This week we got all the way through the Lynx boss in Zul'Aman.  We also downed both the Bear and the Eagle bosses within the timed event limit, and were within reach of the Dragonhawk boss as well.  Next week we should be able to start in on the final two bosses and put those trolls back in their places.

Great work, all!
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