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Please post for Kara availability this weekend.
Jan 27, 08 9:52 PM
We 3-Man 5-Mans...
Jan 27, 08 1:01 PM
w00t for Hamtaro
Jan 25, 08 9:42 PM
Karazhan on a 9
Jan 21, 08 8:11 AM
How To Stare Down A Gnome
Jan 21, 08 7:57 AM
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Please post for Kara availability this weekend.

538237555_Inactive, Jan 27, 08 9:52 PM.
Update:  The Super Bowl got in the way of our raid this weekend.  (Just as much as all the traffic heading to the airport got in my way this morning.  Thanks for contributing to the Phoenix economy - now please leave - the well over 4M people that live here are quite enough.  heh)

So please post on the member forums regarding your availability for raiding this weekend.


There is a new thread on the members' forum.  If you're raiding Kara please sign in and post to it about your availability this weekend.

We 3-Man 5-Mans...

538237555_Inactive, Jan 27, 08 1:01 PM.
Forget four-manning 5-mans, we three-man them.  5-man group quests, that is.  Matio, Tobiko, and Ika ran a number of them over the past couple of days.  Whether it was the elites of the Black Temple, Vhel'kur (spawn of Deathwing), or the Cyrukh the Firelord - they could not stand against us.  Here's a picture from after we finished The Cipher of Damnation quest (killing Cyrukh).

And while there were four of us around, below are a couple of pics taken after watching Lokaja pwn that nasty Durn the Hungerer. I wonder, why is he so hungry all of the time?
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w00t for Hamtaro

538237555_Inactive, Jan 25, 08 9:42 PM.
We've had some shake up the past couple of days, but we're back on track!  And we've allied with the uber-guild, Hamtaro and Friends.  Members please check the member forum for info on how to join the multi-guild channel.

Karazhan on a 9

538237555_Inactive, Jan 21, 08 8:11 AM.
This weekend we had our first guild raid on Kara.  We had some unforeseen challenges, such as one of our DPS'ers not being able to make it, and a Azeroth-wide server problem that impacted some members of our raid.  So it took a little bit longer, and had to be done over two days, but we came, we saw, we kicked some mob booty.  Click here for a slide show.

We downed Attumen and Midnight, Moroes, the Maiden of Virtue, and performed with Romulo and Julianne in the Opera House.  The Curator finally stopped us, as we simply didn't have sufficient DPS with a crew of nine to finish him off.  But we'll be back soon with a full group.  :)

Grats to everyone that got upgrades!  And thanks for all of the help - the guild came together to farm mats and prepare our group (enchants, potions, armor kits, etc.)  By working together we made it a successful raid!

How To Stare Down A Gnome

538237555_Inactive, Jan 21, 08 7:57 AM.
Have you ever wondered about the proper technique for squaring off against a gnome?  Well, thanks to Tyrionas you too can learn to do it in style.  To see Ty's step-by-step slide show, click here.

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