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Guild Goals and Updates
The current guild goals are to both Gear for end-game progression, and level our lower members to begin gearing for end-game progression!








We are the Kings of War and we have set out to have fun, assist members, and excel in all things in the World of Warcraft.  We started as a guild set for Pre-BC Raids and have since progressed into new Cataclysm end-game dungeons including heroics and starting raiding again.

We would rather not have to have Royalty, but in order to create a well kept environment we need people that can maintain the guild.  So members of the Royalty are as follows;

King:  Rastag

Prince:  Rosemarie
Prince:  Jazeta
Prince:  Mailleck

Therefore if anything arises that needs some special attention please feel free to contact any of the previous listed people!  We will do everything in our power to maintain the guild goals!

Guild Recruiting
We are looking for all classes/specs right now in order to return to normal guild progression. I.E. dungeons, heroics, raiding, arena, etc. We recruit 20+ for main characters and any level for alts but request they be level 10+ within a week. We also request, as explained in the guild rules, tha
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Other Guild News

Happy next year!

rastag, Jan 31, 13 5:09 PM.
Since it is now past doomsday of ignorance for those who don't know simplistic mathematical calculations for the Mayan civilization, it is safe to say that the world did not end on my birthday.  For everyone else, the guild is about hit level 22, we've been running instances for guild achievements and the world is still turning.  It would be nice if more people logged in however......


Mists of Pandaria

rastag, Sep 16, 12 9:32 PM.
So we are now well into our fifth year of existence and are now in probably the top three list of guilds on Nazgrel as far as age on Alliance side.  MoP comes out in a week and we shall see how it goes.  Maybe someone will actually be on so we can run some stuff.....


Star Wars: The Old Republic has launched!

rastag, Dec 20, 11 1:06 PM.
With the launch of SWTOR this morning Der Konigen vom Kriegen is now officially active in both locales.  If you wish to join us in either location, feel free to let a member know in game or mail me on the site.  May the Force be with you!

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